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What does Travis Scott have cooking up?

It’s March. We are now four months removed from the catastrophic Astroworld Fest, where 10 attendees at Travis Scott‘s multi-genre, rage extravaganza lost their lives, resulting in a slew of lawsuits directed at Scott, Drake (Travis’ guest performer), Live Nation and essentially everyone involved putting the show together.

As Scott looks ahead, and hopefully dodges any major indictments in the Astroworld case, it seems that rumblings for his next career moves could soon manifest into new music and his return to live performances.

This week (March 8), La Flame announced the establishment of Project HEAL, a multi-faceted initiative that came as a result of Scott “taking the time and space to grieve, reflect and do (his) part to heal (his) community.” Included in the four pillars of Project HEAL are scholarships for HBCU students and struggling high school applicants, mental health resources for low-income communities of color, creating a youth design center for young creatives in Houston to access and a direct approach to avoiding another Astroworld tragedy in collaboration with the US Conference of Mayors Task Force of Event Safety.

Ultimately, Travis Scott’s efforts to reverse the damage that was done are noble. With those bases covered, it now seems that he is in a better headspace, and could soon return to doing what he loves: making and performing music. On Wednesday (March 9), he posted two Instagram stories, one of him smiling for his fans in a video and another of photos that seem to inspire him, which fans think could be geared towards his Utopia album release.

The two promotional singles for his long-awaited studio album Utopia came the night before Astroworld Fest, as “ESCAPE PLAN” and “MAFIA” strongly asserted the revamped psychedelic, hip-hop approach to the project.

Lately, Travis has been rolling with Kanye West‘s squad in the midst of his rolling out and continued updating of his February Donda 2 album. Travis landed on a bridge and supplied additional vocals for the album’s eccentric track “Pablo,” also with Future.

Ye also vowed to bring out Travis at is headlining April Coachella set. Along with that, sources close to Our Generation Music have also confirmed that Travis Scott will be included on fiery producer Southside‘s upcoming single with Future, set to release on March 25.

Around the time 2021 turned to 2022, Travis Scott seemingly reassured his fans Utopia was still on the way, and with increasing public appearances and giving his friends a few feature verses, it seems that he certainly has the ball rolling on an epic return.

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