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Yhapojj stuns on new EP ‘Evolution of Xur’

It’s Yhapojj’s moment for the taking, evolving altogether on his fresh-pressed EP, Evolution Of Xur (Nov. 15).

The Hunstville, Alabama native is reshaping the landscape of the new underground with his signature brand of expressive experimentation. Inspired by artists like ILoveMakonnen, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury, Yhapojj has crafted a sound defined by uniquely slurred vocals and candid lyricism, tackling personal struggles and themes of heartbreak and isolation.

Evolution of Xur represents more than just Yhapo’s latest collection; it’s a reflection of personal and artistic growth. The EP explores various styles, from heartfelt ballads like “Hurt My Feelings” to the sonic exploration in “Sstay Away From Me,” delving into the complexities of friendships.

Highlights like “1o” and “Eazy,” which young Yhapo shared this week (directed by Nick Welch), illustrate his vocal versatility and affinity for left-of-center beats that stray far from left field. Between cascading claps, airy synths and sporadic fits of raw emotion through wolf-like howling, Yhapojj’s sound is inimitable on every level.

At 19 years old, Yhapojj’s journey is a testament to his resilience and creativity, navigating a lack of a local music scene in his native Alabama. His new EP is not just about crafting catchy tunes; it’s a raw and honest portrayal of life’s struggles and triumphs. It serves as a sonic diary, inviting listeners into the mind of an artist unafraid to confront the complexities of existence, much like his previous 2023 tapes in Pluto and Gossip Girl.

Following the success of “You Lookin Gud,” which garnered over 6 million streams in 2023, Yhapojj’s is rightfully gaining the attention he’s worked for. The Twilight-esque aesthetic and distinctive howling vocals on the track have become a TikTok sensation, appearing in over 1,400 videos. After first getting recognized for his work with underground star Izaya Tiji, Yhapojj is unabashedly on his own wave — untouchable from the rest of the underground.

Evolution of Xur marks a significant moment in Yhapo’s still-growing career, solidifying his presence within the next era of underground stars.

Listen to ‘EVOLUTION OF XUR’ below!