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YSB Tril shows his ‘Popstar’ prowess on new single

While many artists occasionally dip into the pop space, it oftentimes sounds unintentional. With the hip-hop community praising versatility and variety, songs now touch a multitude of genres due to an unset musical abilities that many artists possess.

One up-and-coming artist who has displayed his versatility and has proven his many musical skills is YSB Tril. The young star has been quickly making a positive name for himself around the music industry. Just under two months ago, YSB kicked off 2022 with a fresh new single titled “Paralyzed” which featured the hyper pop prodigy, Midwxst.

While totally making a statement with his lead single for the year, YSB Tril returns with a brand new track titled “Popstar” which could certainly be a foreshadow into the young star’s near future.

If “Popstar” is any indication of YSB Tril’s potential as a pop artist, he may very well turn into a “Popstar.” Tril’s influence and inspiration for the song came from a girl who expressed her “love for his singing abilities.” So Tril did what he does best and took his distinctive vocals and created some ear-catching melodies over a catchy piano-sounding instrumental. The track sits at just under two and a half minutes long and holds all the ingredients necessary to turn the song into a true pop hit. Its piercing beat, catchy hook, and gracefully sung harmonies make for a special listening adventure.

She said I be singing, not a rapper i’m a popstar

Wait until they catch they gonna put me on the top charts

L.A. got me faded, smoking cookies straight up out the jar

Hate to say I made it, but i’ll say that I came far

YSB Tril – “Popstar”

While YSB Tril has definitely displayed his rapping and hip-hop abilities over time, he is now entering a whole other field by displaying his pop and singing abilities. By showcasing his versatility and ability to successfully create music in a variety of genres, YSB Tril is simply expanding his fanbase and taking his career to another level.

Although YSB Tril is only two songs into the year so far, fans can expect plenty of new singles as he is sure to deliver plenty of stellar tracks and musical content throughout the year.

Listen to “Popstar” below!