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Zillakami brings a new vibe on his newest single, visual ‘NOT WORTH IT’

City Morgue’s Zillakami has been coming correct with his singles, with “NOT WORTH IT” being his third release this year.

Zilla and SosMula — the two halves of City Morgue — have started to explore their individual careers, with Sos dropping a solo tape two weeks ago. 13 SONGS 2 DIE 2 is a collection of moshpit-ready bangers featuring collaborations with Jasiah, Nascar Aloe, Fat Nick and more.

In a similar vein, Zillakami has been patiently releasing track after track, with his latest marking his fourth single and third video of his solo career. His visuals have been representative of his fun-loving yet aggressive style, always featuring cars, skating and a couple of Zilla’s favorite illicit habits.

Apart from his feature on SosMula’s project, his only collaboration this year has been with Lil Uzi for “BADASS” — showing how serious he’s taking this step into his musical individuality. Fans can expect Zilla to keep switching up his style with each song, and hopefully we will be getting a project sooner rather than later.