OGM, DotCom Nirvan’s ‘Hacked in LA’ Show

OGM Vlog: Our Generation, DotCom Nirvan’s ‘Hacked in LA’ show meets abrupt end

Our Generation Music and DotCom Nirvan’s “Hacked in LA” concert brought back the mosh-pitting mania fans have so dearly missed.

However, what should have been a night of celebration turned into a lengthy removal of both concert-goers and instigators by the Los Angeles Police Department Tuesday night.

The venue abruptly closed due to the show’s overcapacity in attendance. While headlining acts in Ty Fontaine, Matt Ox, KA$HDAMI and others packed in around 800 fans, most of the billed performers — other than Sad Frosty and DC The Don — did not have a chance to go out on stage. The show lasted for only a few hours before the venue shut it down indefinitely.

The latest Our Generation Music vlog showcases live footage of a police helicopter, law enforcement and fans swarming the venue at 1720 E. 16th Street in Los Angeles. OGM host Hakeem Rowe spent his time talking to the artists on scene, getting live reactions to the situation at hand.

For some — like 16-year-old KA$HDAMI — “Hacked in LA” would’ve been their first ever performance in front of a live audience. As fans met the show’s end by leaving the premises, Ty Fontaine seemed to see the brighter side of things, saying: “This is a good thing. We shut this shit down and didn’t even perform. I didn’t even get into the venue yet. This is a legendary night, the underground is back.”

In terms of exposure, Fontaine has a point. Fans in attendance know how special the underground scene is to hip-hop and should bring more light to the artists who were slated to perform.

Regardless, the night went on in the parking lot outside the venue, as KA$HDAMI, 24KGoldn and ssgkobe performed on top of a G-Wagon after the show’s premature conclusion. With special guests in Internet Money stars Dro Kenji, Nick Mira and Taz Taylor appearing backstage, the energy seen at “Hacked in LA” seemingly transferred throughout the entire venue and to all those in attendance.

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