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OGM’s ‘Platinum Picks’ from New Music Friday (April 7)

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DC The Don“Hate Being Lonely”

Rae Sremmurd “SRMM4LIFE”

Daniel Caeser “NEVER ENOUGH”

Teezo Touchdown — “Familiarity”


wolfacejoeyy “true”

PinkPantheress for the boys” came through with another bop on Friday (April 7), as wolfacejoeyy shared his electric new single “true (a e i o u).” Following his viral hit “buku” last month, the Staten Island native’s star is only becoming more undeniable by the day. Mixing iridescent melodies with a hard-hitting Jersey Club bounce, “true” is yet another example of the “cutie patooty” sound he spoke on in our recent interview. Check out “true” below!

Joey Bada$$ “FALLIN’”

Returning for his first effort of 2023, 2000 rapper Joey Bada$$ is “FALLIN’” for the best parts of love. In the stunning yet simple visual, his greatest fear is “love at war,” spitting intimate, introspective bars in between a woozy hook. Sparking a forlorn flame for love, the Pro Era phenom is looking forward with his heart on his sleeve, “Fallin for you, and I don’t want to catch myself.” With more new music on the way, previously speaking on releasing a R&B record, it seems likely that “FALLIN’s” slow-burning allure will lead in its anticipated arrival.


As far as R&B records go, THEY. have always delivered something outside the box. Evident on their latest album’s, Nü Moon, lead single “Blü Moon,” the innovative duo of singer Drew Love and producer Dante Jones reside in a sonic space all their own. Blending elements of grunge rock — inspired by Nirvana — and upbeat pop into sweet yet stark R&B cuts, purpose meets personality on an album that symbolizes a “rebirth” for the pair, crafting the first independent album of their career.

Of the project’s singles, “Set Me Free” and “Riptide” prove to be the most sonically robust, as their background in pop bleeds into “Comfortable” with CMIYGL’s Fana Hues and the Kacey Musgraves-assisted “Wait On Me” — which THEY. revealed to be their favorite track.

“This is our most introspective album to date. We really wanted to make something that felt personal and also reflective of our thoughts and trials we go through at this stage in our lives.’Nü Moon’ is meant to represent a new era for THEY. We look at every album as an opportunity for us to reinvent ourselves and refine our sound. We covered a lot of new ground sonically on this album while still maintaining the darker R&B sound our fans have come to love over the years. Being independent for the first time in our careers has put the power back in our hands.”

THEY. via release

Drake “Search & Rescue

Aminé & KAYTRANADA — “4EVA” feat. Pharrell

KAYTRAMINÉ has been cut loose, as prolific producer KAYTRANDA and Limbo emcee Aminé connect for the first single off their forthcoming joint project, “4EVA.” Featuring the timeless Pharrell Williams, who recently celebrated his 50th birthday, the star-powered trio find pockets for all their talents to shine. With additional vocals from P, KAYTRA’s classic vibes and Aminé’s distinct delivery illicit an energy perfect for the dance floor. Make no mistake, KAYTRAMINÉ will kick ass when it drops on May 12.