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Brockhampton ROADRUNNER Review

BROCKHAMPTON’s ‘ROADRUNNER’ deluxe brings fans closer to band’s farewell

BROCKHAMPTON’s ‘ROADRUNNER’ deluxe brings fans closer to band’s farewell.

Hip-hop’s favorite self-proclaimed boy band BROCKHAMPTON have been praised by both fans and critics alike for their consistent versatility in genre.

Stylistically, BROCKHAMPTON’s sound is uncontainable — jumping from pop, R&B, indie and even occasionally hopping on rap’s current waves. Their sixth studio album “ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE” combined all of those influences and more, coupled with a concerted effort to prominently highlight the band’s lesser known members.

Brockhampton ROADRUNNER Review
Pictured from left: Joba, Dom McLennon, bearface, Kevin Abstract, Jabari Manwa, Merlyn Wood, Matt Champion,

Comprised of 17 songs with features from JPEGMAFIA, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Danny Brown, Baird, Charlie Wilson and others, “ROADRUNNER” is a mixed bag when it comes to a figuring the tape’s definite, overall sound. However, this is BROCKHAMPTON’s bag after all — deviating from music’s norms while incorporating influences from any genre they can.

Band frontman Kevin Abstract has been heavily promoting the album’s release after it initially dropped April 9 — praising his fellow band members’ diligence in the album’s conception as well as how happy he was with the final product. Abstract also took to Twitter in mid-May to air out some feelings regarding the future of the band and the music involved.

Now, as BROCKHAMPTON released four new tracks to “ROADRUNNER” on June 4, the album’s integrity remains the same: fun, carefree and quintessentially BROCKHAMPTON. Deluxe additions in “JEREMIAH,” “SEX,” “PRESSURE / BOW WOW” and “JEREMIAH (RMX) further the narrative Abstract and company convey in turning over a new leaf.

With “ROADRUNNER,” Abstract assumes the lead he’s always taken — carefully curating the cinematic experience of the project in its entirety. On “PRESSURE / BOW WOW,” the collective is accompanied by rising star and OGM interviewee ssgkobe, who spits over a melodic beat switch-up midway through the track.

On “SEX,” Abstract tightly flows over whiny synth-infused production with hard-hitting kicks and fast-paced claps. Sirens appear to be a common sound used throughout the album which, in turn, brings forth more variety to the album’s already versatile sound.

“JEREMIAH” (both the original and remix) details the feelings of being unbothered by both peers and critics alike. Abstract opens over a flange-y guitar pattern and subtle percussion, rapping about the undertones of living life in his skin — feeling not only alienated, but also accepted as the man he’s become.

Lettin’ my hair down /

Lettin’ it grow natural /

Tell ’em I said nothin’ /

Tell ’em I sent Jeremiah /

Weeping prophets, yeah, yeah /

Me and my pockets, yeah, yeah /

Deep inside it, yeah, yeah


As BROCKHAMPTON’s members are seemingly set on making music away from the group in the future, Abstract continues to drop hints on social media about an upcoming solo record, teasing videos of himself working with other artists like Dominic Fike and Shawn Mendes.

Regardless of the band’s imminent end, Abstract and company deliver their most complete project to date with “ROADRUNNER,” inherently raising the stakes for their farewell tape to be their best yet.

While there’s only one project left to be released by BROCKHAMPTON as a group, here’s hoping they continue to ride out on a high note on their 2022 tour.