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Dr. Philvinci Cover

RealYungPhil proves he’s the real deal on new project ‘Dr.Philvinci’

Last week, the experimental Connecticut native, RealYungPhil dropped a new project, Dr.Philvinci — which was entirely co-produced by plugg beat dream team Dylvinci and SURF GANG’s evilgiane.

On Dr.Philvinci, RealYungPhil flexes his unique and weirdly catchy style over bassy, sample-heavy plugg-based production. He strikes a super successful balance between irreverent, street-oriented bars and the acquired taste of vibey new age SoundCloud rap — creating a super compelling and original sound on what is easily his most polished work to date. There is a lot one could say about RealYungPhil, but one thing that can’t be said is that listeners have heard someone just like him.

To mark the project’s release, Phil dropped the visual for “Everything We Need,” one of many standout moments from Dr.Philvinci. Its fun, incredibly bouncy vibe and unexpected, seamlessly incorporated chorus-breaks sampled from Kanye’s ‘Jesus is King’ serve as a perfect introduction to a project full of surprises and well-executed samples.

The production across Dr.Philvinci is a really interesting and cohesive mix of retro samples and original synth melodies wrapped in bouncy bass — courtesy of fellow SURF GANG member evilgiane and prolific SoundCloud maestro, Dylvinci.

On songs like “Ain’t Real,” “Get Money” and “Everything We Need,” fans hear more of that upbeat, bass-driven production to accompany Phil’s deadpan delivery. While on songs like “Sideways 8”, “See the Light,” “Switch It Up” or “Up With The Birds” featuring ATL Smook, Phil slow things down to explore a more chill, dreamy plugg-forward vibe while still delivering equally savage bars.

Throughout the 15-track project, there are numerous well-executed features mostly from fellow SURF GANG associates in Polo Perks and 1600j. The pair join Phil for the mellow “Big Bro,” as underground staples in BoofPaxkMooky (“Life of a Legend”) and one of NYC’s rising internet stars Pasto Flocco (“Off the Muscle 2”) clear their features with ease.

Another standout is the climactic “Diamonds” featuring Lord Nobel, Phonzo and Moh Baretta — whose dramatically dynamic production creates an incredibly compelling moment that will have you flying above the clouds. Across the album, fans can also hear a wide range of high profile, expertly-flipped samples — from Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” to Tove Lo’s “Habits” to a hidden gem from an early Ty Dolla $ign track.

Overall, RealYungPhil’s Dr.Philvinci is a masterclass in confidence, creativity, and originality — combining a wide range of sounds to create a fresh-sounding, forward-thinking style built on many of the coolest trends of the hyper-stylized underground scene.

Watch the video for “Everything We Need” below.