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Remble rumbles his competition on ‘IT’S REMBLE’

Fans of Remble have been on the edge of their seats waiting for a full-length release from him, but they don’t have to wait any longer. IT’S REMBLE is a 13-track offering that serves as a fine introduction to the newcomer.


Production on this project is handled by a number of names, but all of these producers manage to cater to Remble’s style cohesively. Kenny Beats and Laudiano are the only repeat offenders on the list, with two and three songs to their names respectively. Production on the whole project flows together very well, with catchy and dark beats alike complementing Remble’s over-enunciated delivery.


Remble’s crew of features on this project heavily represents his former street life, with a cohort of crips gathering for some fantastic verses. Mozzy is the first up on “I Mean It”, delivering one of the best verses on the album overall. Immediately after this track is, “Ruth’s Chris Freestyle” featuring Drakeo the Ruler, previously released with a video six months ago. “Audible” and “Firesticc” both have verses from B.A., with the former containing some back and forth with Remble. “Book Bag”, containing verses from BlueBucksClan, has the LA duo matching Remble’s cadence for two guest spots. Last but not least, Billy West pays homage to Remble on “It’s Been Real”.


At 13 songs, IT’S REMBLE is a satisfactory length for an album that is meant to introduce us to the up-and-comer. The first two songs showcase Remble’s capability to switch tone without as much of a change in delivery. His demeanor through the first half of the album fluctuates from matter-of-fact to slightly melancholy. He leads the album with the two biggest features, while saving the other equally talented performers for the last few songs, giving the listener a reason to keep up and stay with that momentum. Overall, no two songs back to back were too similar or excessively different, resulting in an easy listen.

Remble’s performance

Remble has clearly taken his time to get this project to a point that he felt comfortable releasing it. In an interview with No Jumper, he mentioned that he will sit with songs for hours and re-record single lines until they sound perfect, which is part of what results in his eloquent rapping performance.

Everything from production to feature choice was chosen such that the ability of others never outshines Remble, but enhances his sound. As the antithesis of “mumble” rap, Remble’s unique style has the potential to branch out if he chooses to collaborate with more artists outside of his current circle.