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Sharc, Pi’erre Bourne collab album ’47 Meters Down’ goes swimmingly

SossHouse signee’s first project shows great upside with boost from Bourne’s production.

Sharc and Pi’erre Bourne released 47 Meters Down on June 25, as the album is the Atlanta native’s first official project.

The man who signed him, Pi’erre Bourne, exclusively handles production on the album, as Pierre and Sharc curate a cold-blooded tape with tons of twists and turns.

Bourne has begun to step outside of his role as just a coveted producer in the past few years by rapping over his own songs and running his own record label SossHouse. He dropped his career elevating debut studio album The Life of Pi’erre 4 in June 2019, where many hip-hop fans got their first glimpse of his vocals, songwriting and ability to craft a cohesive tracklist. He would add more songs as a deluxe the following year in June 2020.

Last month, Pi’erre Bourne released The Life of Pi’erre 5, including features, as opposed to The Life of Pi’erre 4, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti and Sharc, on the twelfth song “Drunk And Nasty.”

Up until this point, Sharc was a relatively unknown artist. He was signed to SossHouse, but only had nine songs on digital streaming platforms dating back to May 2020. So, Bourne handling all the production for his first project is a huge step in the right direction for Sharc’s young career.

47 Meters Down is a thirteen song, 41 minute project that sees Pi’erre steer the ship most of the way with his beats and Sharc riding his wave tremendously. The project even includes the trademark deep-voiced narration that has become a staple in Pi’erre Bourne’s prior music as the listener is ushered in with the “This is 47 Meters Down / Th-Th-There’s only one Sharc” announcement on the first track “100 Clip.”

It is definitely clear this is a Pi’erre Bourne-style album with songs bridging together at the end of one to lead to the beginning of another, and charming, bouncy production to create a seamless atmosphere. However, Sharc brings more aggression than Bourne would over instrumentals like these with his motifs of recklessness and lower-pitched, raspy voice.

Songs like “Gun Parade” with its triumphant brass instruments and exciting bass drop and “Duppy” with its up-tempo production cater more to Sharc’s rapping style as he floats over the hard-hitting beats.

Lil’ fish, boy, you a guppy, don’t get splashed (Don’t get smoked)

You know my niggas servin’ puppy in the trap (Nah, for real though)

She said she stuck inside Miami tryna get back

I told that bitch to make it happen, sell that ass (Sell that ass)

“Duppy” — Sharc, Pi’erre Bourne

Still, songs like “Grimey Story” and “Brinks” gravitate back to a groovier, more light-hearted sound that Bourne has cultivated on his albums. But, Sharc still adds his tenacious flair to these tracks, as this production helps to prove his versatility.

Pi’erre Bourne has executively produced several albums for artists in the past including Sli’merre for Young Nudy in 2019 and The Wolf of Peachtree for SossHouse member Jelly in 2020, just to name a few. He has made a career of meshing other artists’ styles with his production, and him and Sharc execute that impressively on 47 Meters Down .

This album effectively raises the stock of both these artists in different phases of their careers, as Pierre continues to prove his relevance and importance in hip-hop, and Sharc throws his name into the mix of up-and-comers to look out for.

Check out Sharc and Pi’erre Bourne’s new project 47 Meters Down below.