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Ski Mask wreaks havoc on new mixtape ‘Sin City’

Rowdy and unfiltered, SoundCloud-era pioneer Ski Mask the Slump God visits Sin City to bare his soul.

His ascent since his days a part of the Broward County collective Members Only has been stunning — going on to become a multi-Platinum artist off the strength in hits like “Catch Me Outside,” “Nuketown,” “Babywipe” and more. His 2018 debut album, Stokeley, not only asserted his importance to the current landscape of hip-hop but furthered his artistic progression in the process.

Ski Mask hasn’t completely cooled off since Stokeley’s release either. Dropping his single “Burn The Hoods” in 2020, this presumed album cut reinvigorated Ski’s drive to make music — appearing on close friend and collaborator DJ Scheme’s album FAMILY later that year. Being featured on tracks with Zillakami, Lil Yachty, Danny Towers and Cordae, Ski also lent a verse to Lil Gnar on his single “NEW BUGATTI” with Chief Keef in May.

Enter mixtape Ski — releasing his first cohesive project in three years following the tragic deaths of close friends XXXTENTACION and Juice WRLD. In that time, the South Florida star has had much to mend and think on, yet is as rambunctious as ever on Sin City.

On tracks like “Ya!,” “Dr. Suess,” and “The Matrix,” his quick-witted nature is mind-boggling — effortlessly rapping witty punchline after punchline all at blazing speed. His flow, after all, is one of the most unique hip-hop has seen, as Ski counteracts his fast-flowing emotions with snarling, grimy production from frequent collaborators in Ronny J, Kenny Beats and DJ Scheme.

Sin City is consumed by Ski’s dark energy, fully encapsulating his stunning ability to fit tons of words in tight breaths. On tracks such as “Merlin’s Staff,” “Fire Hazard” and “ADMIT IT,” The Slump God is in his element spitting his goofy, head-bobbing bars that’s made him a household name. With booming siren synths, bellowing 808s and bouncy hi-hats, Sin City‘s production accomplishes what Ski has set out to do for years — create mosh-pitting anthems that can’t hold you back from jumping in.

“Lost In Time” is pivotal to the mixtape’s feel. Woefully crooning over a melancholic guitar loop, Ski is now alone in the spotlight, speaking on heartbreak, dishonesty, and a loved one turning on him. Ski sounds defeated and torn, finding strength in his singing voice on this rare occasion — reminiscent of XXXTENTACION’s stripped or “uncut” nature. The track’s soothing, hypnotic guitar pattern eases listeners in, showing another side of Ski unseen before.

All in life that glitters, it could taste better, no, it ain’t no gold, oh

All in life that glitters, it could turn bitter, it could turn mold, oh

Summer turned into winter, she turned to sinner

Change just like an actor, though

Déjà vu

“Lost In Time” — Ski Mask The Slump God

While Sin City‘s harrowing undertones lift Ski throughout the record’s 18-minute run-time, it feels like a taste for what’s to come — acting as a prequel for a full-length album in the near future.

However, he bares his soul and boisterously returns to the limelight, as Sin City cleanses Ski of his sins and looking forward to better days