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RAPRAVE is bridging the gap between EDM and Hip-Hop

EDM and Hip-Hop have formed an unbreakable bond in recent years, contributing to a myriad of innovative sounds and shaping a diverse array of sub-genres that have found their own niche communities.

Bringing forth alt-genres like the Detroit-based “ghettotech” — forged from amalgamating elements within Chicago rap, Detroit techno, and Miami bass — this blending of influences has also extended to other sub-sounds such as the most popular example “Jersey Club,” which is comprised of juke, hip-house, drum and bass, trip-hop and grime. Each carries a distinct identity formed from the fusion of EDM and Hip-Hop. Most notably, this fusion is seen in Lil Uzi Vert‘s chart-topping hit “Just Wanna Rock,” in which he raps over a Jersey Club-interpolated bop.

Enter RAPRAVE, a DJ group hailing from NYC who emerged on the scene last year. Named for the intersection of rap music and rave music, RAPRAVE’s identity promotes this convergence of EDM and Hip-Hop, taking hold of the spotlight by showcasing these genre-bending sounds through their impressive live events.

With a mission to unite fans of both major genres, RAPRAVE launched their inaugural event series, [SEASON0]. Designed to lay the groundwork for their future endeavors with a strong focus on music appreciation, RAPRAVE looks to build a foundation they hope will continue to unite listeners through these events.

[SEASON0] has featured a diverse roster of artists, each contributing their own unique sounds to this collaborative mix. This dynamic lineup has drawn an audience eager to embrace new auditory experiences, as RAPRAVE’s impact has already begun to draw attention in their respective communities. Serving as a testament to their ability to create through shared musical appreciation, [SEASON0] inherently led to their next event, CONCIERGE. Through this iteration, RAPRAVE has provided a platform for individualistic artists and their specific sounds to shine. Unafraid to shift the spotlight away from themselves as an entity, RAPRAVE wants CONCIERGE to serve as a standalone offshoot of [SEASON0], “bringing artists into intimate settings that resonate with our immediate circle,” shares the collective voice of RAPRAVE.

Continuing their mission to connect fans through innovative sounds, RAPRAVE has now launched into their [SEASON0NE] phase, as of Aug. 18. The opening event of [SEASON0NE] was RAPRAVE’s most ambitious to date. Being known for their unconventional venue choices, RAPRAVE’s latest exhibition took place in the warehouse of a Bushwick-based chocolate factory, and featured an extremely talented lineup with performances by Eden, Dylan Ali, DÆMON, and the legendary aarabMUZIK. Explore the show recap provided below, and pay special attention as the event’s video showcases an exclusive and unreleased collaboration between aarabMUZIK and rap superstar Lil Uzi Vert.

For those interested in RAPRAVE’s offerings, check out their innovative mixes on SoundCloud and listen to “Echo”, their single featuring artists Araya and HUNA. With more music on the way including new singles, mixes, and even an upcoming album, RAPRAVE will continue to champion the collisions of EDM and Hip-Hop.