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Lil Uzi Vert is putting the ‘finishing touches’ on ‘The Pink Tape’

Photo courtesy of Danny Pleckham

While Lil Uzi Vert teased parts of The Pink Tape in 2022, they seem to be sharing its full power sometime soon.

Notorious for their iconic Rolling Loud performances, this year in LA ranked among Uzi’s best. Performing a slew of new tracks at the Levi’s Stage on Sunday (March 5), Uzi addressed the crowd — which seemingly packed in the entire festival — about their forthcoming studio album PINK TAPE.

“I know I make y’all wait a long time for music, and I’m so sorry I thought that shit was cool before, but that shit is lame. I’m putting the finishing touches on ‘PINK TAPE’ and I promise — and I made a lot of promises in my life — but this time I promise,” they said eyeing into the pit, sporting lizard-colored contacts with two different hues, their patented spiked hair and a blood-red leather suit.

A week after their RL set (March 13), TMZ surprisingly caught up with the rapper on the street, asking Uzi about the status of PINK TAPE. “I probably got like two more months [left],” Uzi said trying to stray away from the camera. However, amid the new tracks at RL, it seems likely PINK TAPE will arrive by the summer.

In the clip, Uzi also speaks on making PINK TAPE entirely sober, after Generation Now co-founder Don Cannon revealed that Uzi was in a different creative space because of his sobriety. Perhaps this clear thinking led to Uzi potentially linking back up with Playboi Carti — teasing a 16*29 reunion with a photo on their Instagram story.

“It was challenging at first, but after a month I got used to it,” Uzi said to TMZ. “I thought my creative process wasn’t going to be the same because I wasn’t on drugs any more, but it was the same — even better. I could think more clear, everything made sense and I didn’t just make random music. I actually made songs with topics this time.”

On Jan. 2, Uzi hopped on the r/liluzivert Reddit to chat it up with fans, as the Philly rapper sparred those who didn’t believe that their long-awaited album was coming this year. “Shit ain’t dropping,” an r/user posted. “If [you] don’t drop before [your] tour, [you’re] an idiot,” another commented.

Uzi quickly retorted with an eye-opening reply: “That’s why I’m dropping in February… new shit, new sound, no mid.” The “Just Wanna Rock” superstar was also spotted shooting a music video for the album on Friday (Feb. 10). However, Uzi’s new album did not find its way into February releases, as fans still await for the highly-anticipated tape.

Ahead of their 20-date headlining tour in March, it’s only fitting that Uzi’s seeing Pink in their immediate future. Kicking at Rolling Loud California, the remainder of the tour’s information will be unveiled “soon.” Pink Tape’s forthcoming release follows Uzi’s July teaser tape RED & WHITE as well as their instantly viral Jersey Club record “Just Wanna Rock” in November 2022. The song recently eclipsed 2 million total units sold, earning double platinum honors from the RIAA.

It’s been nearly three years since Uzi’s last solo outing, as Eternal Atake and his collab album with Future, Pluto X Baby Pluto, have become newfound staples in their discography. It remains to be seen if “Just Wanna Rock,” “Demon High” or any of the tracks off RED & WHITE will appear on The Pink Tape.

Nevertheless, the Generation Now rockstar is streaking towards a big year ahead.

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