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Lil Uzi Vert shares electric ‘Just Wanna Rock’ visual ahead of tour

UPDATE: Lil Uzi shared the instantly-viral visual to “Just Wanna Rock” on Friday (Nov. 18). Featuring cameos from Kai Cenat and more, Uzi takes fans on to an interstellar dance-off that’s sturdier than Earth could ever handle.

Lil Uzi Vert continues to be an anomaly within music. Surprising with a thumping, Jersey Club track “Just Wanna Rock” last Monday (Oct. 12), Uzi fed fans with more breaking news a week later.

Sharing that he’s set to embark on a 20-date headlining tour in March 2023, Uzi seems to be seeing Pink in his future. Per a press release from Complex, the remainder of their tour information will be unveiled “soon” — alluding to the imminent release of the follow-up to 2020’s Eternal Atake: The Pink Tape.

Dropping off RED & WHITE in July ahead of his long-awaited Pink-themed album, Uzi’s infectious dance bounce elevates their trademark rage through a different lens. Produced by Jersey staple McVertt, the popular TikTok sound-turned-song hears Uzi rap, “I just wanna rock / this ain’t what you want,” over its triumphant, head-bobbing production — interpolating a new vibe altogether.

Crooning with auto-laced cadences, the Philly-based emcee makes their East Coast roots apparent — blending sounds found in emo-rap that energize Uzi’s scattered ad-libs and the record’s shuddering kicks. It’s a complete 180 from Pink Tape’s reported lead single “Demon High,” previewing the fluidity and versatility Uzi will highlight on his forthcoming LP.

Uzi is also the latest voice to try their hand at a Jersey Club record this year. Drake’s Honestly, Nevermind, Chris Patrick’s X-Files and Bandmanrill’s Club Godfather are just a few examples of the sound’s current stranglehold on the culture. However, Uzi brings a refreshing energy to the atmosperhic, synth-based melodies of “Just Wanna Rock.”

While it’s unclear if “Just Wanna Rock” will wind up on Pink Tape — and with a headlining on the horizon — the Generation Now rockstar impresses by switching things up regardless of the surprise cut’s context.

Listen to “Just Wanna Rock” below!

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