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Ken Carson’s ‘A Great Chaos’ seems slated to drop for Oct. 13

Photo courtesy of John Cotter

A GREAT CHAOS is upon us.

Following Destroy Lonely’s horror movie-esque debut album If Looks Could Kill, Ken Carson is set keep Opium in rotation for the remainder of 2023.

His upcoming album, which appears to be ready for release on Oct. 13, has been teased through Carson’s cryptic Twitter/X posts — on theme for a rather spooky “Friday The 13th” release.

AGC was initially set to drop on July 17, and was teased by the X rapper through a slew of sporadic Instagram Live snippets this summer. He also teased its lead single titled “It’s Over” in a now-deleted tweet, however, it never came to light. Carson said the album’s release date was “out of his hands” in an interview with OnAmp in late August.

Sharing the tracklist on June 25, AGC is set to hold 14 tracks and four features — all of which are currently unnamed at this time. Songs titled “jennfier’s body,” “so dark” and “ken carson” catch our eye on first glance, as the Opium superstar is set to head on the road with the rest of Opium on their “ANTAGONIST Tour” this Fall.

Additionally, AGC is set to draw further anticipation for Ken and Lone’s forthcoming collab album — sure to set ablaze the dark side of underground listeners. Ken also previewed collabs with Lil Uzi Vert and Lone as well as 070 Shake, as Uzi continues to co-sign new wave stars amid their work with Yeat.

Opium’s prolific 2023 isn’t all thanks to Lone and Ken, but also Homixide Gang and the loosely-affiliated Sid Shyne — who joined the rage-inducing duo on their “SNOT OR NOT Tour” this past May. With more music in sight for the entire 00 roster, Ken is looking to double down on his star power, stemming from Project X and his debut album X in July 2022. Ken and Lone garnered more hype for their joint tape when they united on their fourth track together “money & sex.”

Tailor-made for the mosh-pit, Carson’s “i need u” was the only indication of a new project prior to his activity on social media. One things for certain: Carson’s A GREAT CHAOS should sound as chaotic and ominous as advertised.

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