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Sid Shyne melts competition on EP ‘POISON IVY’

Sid Shyne‘s music is loud — entrancingly so. Doubling down on the all the rage that he’s accumulated over the last few years, the Opium adjacent Shyne reminds young ragers of who really runs the moshpit on his latest EP, POISON IVY.

The tape landed in the hands of fans at a perfect time too, in the midst of Sid’s supporting shows on the “SNOT OR NOT” tour, where he’s been unloading all sorts of unforgettable moments for his fans. Fans jumping off stage in tiny venues? Sure. Some kid getting his head signed by Sid after the show? Why not? How about getting a “Sid Shyne” tattoo in the middle of his performance? F*ck it. “Rules” are optional during Sid’s sets, with that barely-manageable intensity intertwined with how he approaches his recorded music.

Things get off to a electrifying start, with seething guitar riffs roaring underneath synths and trap drums on “FAKE LOVE,” and the vibes feel illegally juiced from here on out. Somehow the sonic aggression peaks even further, going way past 11 throughout the explosive “VOLCANO” and rage-beats on “MADEA” and “LUNAR ECLIPSE.” We get six songs and they all sound distinctively different and recognizable in their own rights.

Diverting from a singular vibe for this project proved to be the right decision, with this handful of tracks pulling the fans back into his grasp as much as it’s introducing newer, prospective rage heads to Sid Shyne’s sound. When they choose to make that leap and see him live though, it’ll all make sense.

In particular, “SMOOTH CRIMINAL” has found itself repeatedly showing up in my queue, with the Respective Collective-directed music video elevating the aural insanity into some visually striking, VHS-induced mayhem. The horn-led melody may sound familiar, but is handled with poise under Sid’s vocal control. He always finds this sweet spot between yelling and singing at you versus with you. There’s a keen difference there. It sounds and feels collective, like he’s inviting you to shout along — something I’m not shy to admit I end up doing quite frequently.

Wake up tryna’ catch an M today

I been all around I don’t know where I went today

Smooth criminal just let it out you’ll feel someway

Damn I left my manners out the window here today


Sid Shyne is not only on the current SNOT OR NOT tour, but is also embarking to support JELEEL! on his tour this summer, ensuring that you’ll get to experience Sid’s set once more.

Check out ‘Poison Ivy’ below!

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