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Sid Shyne is on a ‘death race to love’ on ‘Cyberlove 333’

Inspired by the sounds from video games like Mortal Kombat, it’s no surprise that Sid Shyne bodied his Cyberpunk-influenced single “Cyberlove 333” (Oct. 7).

Fully embracing the true essence of the new wave by way of his signature, futuristic soundscape, the Atlanta emcee spins a “dystopian love story of indecisiveness” ahead of a new mixtape set to drop later this month.

“For the upcoming tape, fans should expect a whole lot of originality and futuristic sounds. ‘Cyberlove 333’ is just me evolving my sound and unlocking new levels sonically. It’s a dystopian love story of indecisiveness influenced by cyberpunk.”

Sid Shyne to OGM

Proving to be his upcoming project’s lead single, “Cyberlove 333’s” spacey aura and simplistic, buzzing synths ultimately feature Shyne’s voice as the star of the show. His track presence is captivating — effortlessly riding the wavy, rage-inducing cut with purpose behind his pen. “I wasn’t looking for love, I just wanna taste again,” he initially raps, leading into bars about him being on “a death race to love.” Quickly swept from letting love overtake him, the cyber-infused story sees Shyne flex his best trait: Energy.

Injecting intent into every one of his tracks, it’s lines like “I don’t know nothing about friends / I been working on forgiveness, tryna make amends” that make his “paper chase” bars hit harder. This narrative nuance is also prevalent in the track’s coinciding visual, as Shyne seemingly shines brighter on the desolate, white-sanded beach he strolls on.

“Better me, undisputable

Non refutable

You up in your cubicle

I’m out there holding up the universe

So how me and you gon’ work?

Fuck it, imma find a way

When that money touch down, I ain’t got a lot to say

Paper chase

Sid Shyne — “Cyberlove 333”

Shyne is known to be a perfectionist when it comes to his music videos, divulging his “hands-on” process to us when writing treatments. “Cyberlove 333” is a perfect example of how a video makes a great song even better. Linking himself up to a matrix of sorts, Shyne teleports to a beach where he finds a mermaid washed ashore. Overtaken by her beauty, she casts a spell on him he can’t seem to break — eventually succumbing to the temptation that’s left him both enamored and love-torn.

Co-signed by Trippie Redd — as the pair currently tour college campuses across the country — the young Shyne’s last two tracks “Karma Electric” and “You vs. You” seem to stand alone from his forthcoming project. However, his recent efforts further showcase the overall creative talent he possesses.

Asserting that he wants to be on his own wave, Sid Shyne continues to be a difference maker in every regard.

Check out “CYBERLOVE 333” below!