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Baby Stone Gorillas Interview: Rising LA group’s bond is unbreakable in life, music

Baby Stone Gorillas are rooted at the heart of one of Los Angeles’ most notorious neighborhoods. Hailing from “The Jungles,” the rising LA rap group’s members in Top5ivee, P4K, 5Much and EKillaOffDaBlock all have something special to offer within their unique, street-centric sound.

Youthful and fiery, BSG continues to witness their sound sweep over Southern California and are poised to break across the map — speaking on the excitement around their newfound success. Only recently putting their full-fledge efforts into music — recording their first songs only a year ago — their talent is evident in their unbreakable bond forged from their beginnings at Juvenile Hall.

The group has accumulated just over 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, however, their fan base lives within the underground. Uploading new heat to their YouTube channel constantly, their most recent track “Nothing But A Mission” dropped today (Oct. 14), as the group continues to make waves and grind for what’s theirs.

From first meeting at Juvy to where they’re are now, it’s been a constant glow up for Baby Stone Gorillas. Earning the respect of LA area stars in OhGeesy, RonRon and others, BSG also talks meeting up with Travis Scott and their hit song “Military” being played on Drake’s OVOSOUND.

While “Military” may have been the track to initially blow for BSG, Top5ive says the song that defines the group in this moment is something different.

“As a whole group, I’d have to say “Must Be Stupid.” Because it was versatile — it was showing that we ain’t have to [rap about] gangbangin’. To me, that was a real song. It showed everyone we were more than that.”

Top5ivee — Baby Stone Gorillas

Taking it one day at a time, Baby Stone Gorillas invited Our Generation Music to an apartment complex located in one of LA’s most lethal neighborhoods. Displaying the true process of their grind, BSG lives up to their knockout bars and West Coast bounce inspired by the lifestyle of the streets.

Hungry for what’s to come, Baby Stone Gorillas sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to speak on “Military,” RonRonTheProducer, “Must Be Stupid,” Travis Scott, OVOSOUND and more in their Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

Time Stamps

  • 1:38 Baby Stone Gorillas
  • 2:30 What the Baby Stone Gorillas listened to growing up
  • 3:30 Favorite movies
  • 5:30 When the Baby Stone Gorillas first met
  • 7:20 First making music about a year ago
  • 8:16 Locking in with Ron-Ron and the song Baby Stone Gorillas
  • 9:40 The Creative process behind the music and recording style
  • 10:51 Open to learning how to play some music
  • 11:40 Baby Stone Gorillas music videos
  • 12:50 Looking forward to those big budget music videos
  • 13:00 Meeting Southside, Travis Scott, & Future
  • 14:05 Shaq reposting the Baby Stone Gorillas
  • 15:15 Southside and 808 MAFIA
  • 15:37 Must Be Stupid because it proves they don’t need to be flaunting the street activities
  • 16:10 The Baby Stone Gorillas Live
  • 16:40 Seeing that reaction from the crowd and taking it in w/ Big Sad 1900
  • 17:00 Excited to have music and travel
  • 19:34 Patiently Waiting to service their music everywhere
  • 20:05 Project with RonRon
  • 20:40 Goal is to prioritize the Baby Stone Gorillas
  • 21:40 Goals for the future
  • 22:47 Collaborations
  • 23:20 Message for Our Generation