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Deebaby Interview: ‘I love what I do’

Deebaby lives every day like it’s his last. “Would you rather die in the city you were born in or would you rather die doing something that you love? I love what I do,” he says to Hakeem Rowe, calling on people to take the leap of faith they proverbially put off. Manifestation is one thing, but for the Houston-born, Mexican emcee, you can’t manifest what you don’t work towards.

Feeling like The Black Sheep of his family, which is the title of his 2021 debut album, Deebaby always felt like he was different. Whether the difference lies in the landscape for Mexican rappers in a predominantly Black industry or being treated different by his relatives, Dee finds solace in knowing who he is, unapologetically standing on the morals that have gotten him so far in life. “I’m really a patient and understanding guy, ” he says, taking his time to really think about the answers he wants to give Rowe during their conversation.

While his debut, ‘The Black Sheep,’ was created throughout his stint of sobriety — trying to rid his body of all the “disgusting” things surrounding him at the time — his latest Junkie Mode (April 7) sees Deebaby “back in motion,” knowingly for better or for worse, embracing his vices that shot his visibility through the roof. Clad with co-signs from Kodak Black and Kevin Gates, who refers to Deebaby as “the Mexican version of me,” tracks like “Love Scars,” “Listen To Your Heart” and the fan-favorite “Anymore” sees the Texas emcee’s evolution come full circle — filled with emotional Southern-hybrid hip-hop that reads like a love story.

With reference points from Houston’s prolific Chopped N Screwed scene, hard rock and an affinity for country music, Deebaby is admittedly hard to pin down in every way. And yet, that’s his allure. His sound is a perfect picture of hidden eccentricity and profound thoughts, discussing the greater meaning of life and death with Keem amid conversation of his creative process, new music with Kevin Gates and Kodak Black on the way, his roots in Houston, being a Mexican rapper and so much more in this Our Generation Music exclusive.

Watch Deebaby’s interview below!