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Fenix Flexin Interview: Former Shoreline Mafia member finds success in solo ‘maneuvers’

Fenix Flexin has been on a steady grind ever since his former group, Shoreline Mafia, went their separate ways last April.

Much like his longtime collaborator OhGeesy — who released his debut solo album GEEZYWORLD last week — it seems like the group’s decision to disband has allowed Fenix to flourish on his own, further developing the sound he and Shoreline have pioneered in the Los Angeles rap scene.

Further developing his signature style over the course of the pandemic, Flexin released his first solo project, Fenix Flexin Vol. 1, with features from Rob Vicious, Drakeo the Ruler and more. While Fenix shows no signs of slowing down after dropping his latest single, “Toxic” with Fredo Blocc, he continues to strive for greatness in every regard — pushing the envelope with energetic tracks injected with hard-hitting rhymes and vibey West Coast production.

Detailing the many business “maneuvers” that went into bringing his brand “Burnt Company LA” to life, Fenix also shedded light on all the inspirational points fueling his sound today. While he strives to write his own success story, Fenix continues to step out as one of the most exciting LA rappers to break globally.

Showing love his devoted fans, OGM host Hakeem Rowe got the chance to catch up with the Los Angeles native at the cusp of his solo career, discussing his business ventures, collaborations, crucial lifestyle changes during the pandemic and plans for his future in this Our Generation Exclusive interview.

Quotable Moments

Hakeem: What was the idea behind [Burnt Company LA] and your goals for that?

Fenix Flexin: “It’s like streetwear, we got a skate team and s*** too… When I was growing up I was really into skating… It’s a business maneuver and on top of that bringing something different to what’s going on in that scene.

HR: [Shoreline Mafia] created this sound together, this new LA sound. How do you want to differentiate your past sounds from now?

FF: “I’m just bringing that and then doing it on my own, really already what I was doing. Got the same fan base, got a solid fan base, shout out to all my fans keeping it going… After this project I ain’t even gonna stop, three months after that another project back to back.”

HR: What’s the most challenging thing being a solo artist now?

FF: “I mean, back then, I’d always damn near write my verse at home or something then come to the studio and then do it like that. I always kinda like recording with not too many people around… recording wise there hasn’t been no difference yet.”

Time Stamps

  • 1:18 Getting back on the road and touring
  • 2:20 Dragonball Z
  • 2:44 Burnt Company LA
  • 3:45 Skateboarding & Skate culture
  • 4:20 Fenix’s favorite skateboarders growing up – shoutout Baker & Lakai
  • 5:00 Speaking on Fenix’s Solo career and kickoff
  • 6:17 Running singles off the strength of his name
  • 6:45 Fenix Flexin’s debut project is 16 tracks
  • 7:12 Producers involved on the project
  • 7:49 RIP MAC P DAWG
  • 8:38 Ten Toes
  • 10:40 Shout out the fans
  • 11:09 “For Me” produced by Ron Ron
  • 12:00 Breaking the mold on the box of the west coast
  • 12:30 Fenix Flexin on a country beat I4:53 Fenix Flexin & Maxo Kream “Lambo Truck”
  • 16:29 The most challenging part of the solo process now
  • 16:48 Fenix Recording process & Creative Process – Punching in
  • 17:30 Project with GT and seeing the efficiency of punching in
  • 20:00 Eating Healthy
  • 20:38 Easing up on the drug intake
  • 21:58 How long has Fenix been sippin for
  • 22:44 Tour Life and the unhealthy lifestyles apart of it
  • 23:09 Touring 2 years straight
  • 24:00 Favorite cities traveled
  • 25:00 Amsterdam
  • 25:50 Hitting Japan and grabbing BAPE
  • 26:11 Streetwear vs High Fashion
  • 27:26 Buying that grill, one thing as a child he always wanted Fenix was able to purchase
  • 28:04 The music Fenix listened to growing up and found inspiration from
  • 28:59 Getting a song with Wiz
  • 29:10 Fans getting Fenix tattooed
  • 31:00 Stealing the “Musty” & “Bottle Service” beat
  • 31:30 Shoreline Mafia Reunion at Coachella later down the line
  • 32:00 Selling out major venues
  • 33:10 Support from OVO SOUND
  • 34:10 Fenix Message to OGM