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Gallery: DC The Don ‘(P)REBIRTH’ tour in Chicago

With an underground scene that goes through artists like seasons, it’s a miracle that ones like DC The Don have been able to stay relevant for so long — but it’s surely no mistake. From his ecstatic crowd-surfing to singing symphonic bangers, DC proved this once again at the “(P)REBIRTH” tour in Chicago, where the XXL Freshman brought along Caal Vo, Rich Amiri, and YvngxChris along for the ride to give fans an underground mini-festival of sorts, with these four bringing their A-game to Chicago’s Avondale Music Hall.

The energy in the crowded venue hall was already starting to build the moment I walked in, as the barricades began to fill and the fans piled in. Heading backstage into the green room and I found Caal Vo and DC The Don chilling before their sets, and it was one of the most authentic green rooms I have ever been in. Everyone’s here to do their jobs, but no one’s here to one-up each other; a commemorative, low-tension bond constantly felt through casual banter primed everyone for a roaring evening jam-packed with rage and love, simultaneously.

“Are you ready to rage, Chicago?!” DC exclaims early in his set. They’d been raging for a few hours by this point, and they Chicago had plenty of gas left in the tank.

All photos courtesy of John Cotter.