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King Combs ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ on his trek to the top

For those unaware of King Combs’ journey into the spotlight, know that nothing has ever been handed to the New York-bred wordsmith.

Despite being the son of hip-hop royalty Sean “Diddy” Combs, the young prodigy is cultivating a sound and image all on his own accord. Stemming from his 2019 debut EP Cyncerely C3 — which touts features from Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih, Tee Grizzley, City Girls and fellow CYN member Kai Ca$h — Combs has amassed over 600,000 monthly Spotify listeners, becoming synonymous with hip-hop’s bouncy, R&B-infused soundscape yet is able to bar out whenever he pleases.

Tapping the enigmatic Floridian Kodak Black ahead of an upcoming full-length album, Combs “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” on his way to acclaim, as his latest offering proves to be an ultimate summertime “vibe.”

“We [put the song together] at the end of last year. [Kodak] sent me a DM out of nowhere and he’s always been one of my favorite artists that I’d admire from afar. Then I seen this song [‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’] and I was like, this is fire, send it through! I was already in the studio recording so I was hype. I felt like it was just my vibe — it was automatic and super dope for us to do. We’ve been talking about dropping it in the summer [for a while], we been had this one ready for y’all.”

King Combs to OGM

While Combs has been busy curating an airwave-friendly sound and a “Bad Boy” persona, his collective CYN MOB — held down by group leaders in Niko Brim and Kai Cash — has allowed the NYC emcee to flourish into his own. He would be remiss to mention the impact the group has had on his life and career, saying that “CYN is really my family… We’ve been together since we were eight years old. There’s no other rap group like us right now. I’m excited for what’s to come.”

As the “rap avengers” continue to make their mark on the game, Combs is preparing for a triumphant solo effort that further stamps his own sound. It’s something a little different, says Combs as he prepares to drop his proper debut sometime this year — gracefully gearing up for the next chapter that lies ahead.

“This next project is definitely going to stamp my sound and who I am as King Combs. It’s going to be different since the last project — I’ve been working on it since [2019]. I’ve been trying to make it a work of art. I feel like the sound of it is going to be a breath of fresh air. It’s really going to stamp my name.”

King Combs to OGM

Alluding to upcoming features with Swae Lee, A$AP Mob and others, Combs asserts that he wants to be understood as an artist — echoing the sentiment that everything he’s worked for wasn’t plated to him on a silver spoon. Rather, his work ethic — instilled by those around him — is what will push Combs to greater heights.

“[I want new fans] to understand me as a person and know the things that I go through. Everything wasn’t just handed to me, everything isn’t easy. I’ve been really out here working…. It’s King Combs, I’m back and about to take over everything.”

Watch King Combs’ “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” below!