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DC The Don Live: OGM spotlights rising talent with live performance series

Photo courtesy of Katy Ferris

Relentlessly taking over the hip-hop community with organic forward-thinking content, Our Generation Music continues to add to its versatile brand with the first-ever episode of its eye-catching live performance series, OGM Live.

Stationed at the heart of Los Angeles, the fast-rising, disruptive media outlet cements its status once more as undeniable tastemakers for the culture — launching its immersive, lively YouTube series as a platform for its marquee underground acts to flourish on stage.

With the neon-lit OGM logo glistening in the background of the frame, KA$HDAMI was the first performer the brand has revealed from its vault of live acts. Other tantalizing underground acts in KiLLKODY, CHXPO, DC The Don, Matt Ox and more all paid a visit to the spacious OGM stage — bringing forth a refreshing energy only found on Our Generation Music. While KA$HDAMI kicked things off with a bang, there’s certainly more to come as OGM continues to highlight the best and brightest talent the new wave has to offer.

Along with OGM Live, the LA-based media company has more in store for 2022. Complementing its live interviews with longtime host Hakeem Rowe, OGM has recently added original music videos to their list of specialities, launching the “OGM Premiere” series featuring Matt Ox‘s “Tap Dat,” KANKAN‘s “Demon Time” and most recently K Suave‘s “Make It Back.”

Stemming from its fresh-pressed social media strategy, refined editorial site and journalistic integrity, OGM is evolving at a rate like no other. As they keep building the brand brick-by-brick, OGM Live is just a taste of what’s in store — on a mission to become one of the most recognizable influencers of our generation.

DC The Don Live — “PSA

KA$HDAMI Live — “Reparations!” / “posed2be”