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KiLLKODY, Lil Tracy, Bighead form elite trio on new single ‘Backend’

Cleveland’s angsty, new wave star KiLLKODY has been on an elite roll with iconic SoundCloud producer Bighead. The duo first connected on Thanksgiving 2021, as Bighead helped contribute to the instrumental on KiLLKODY’s “Patrick Swayze,” also with CHXPO.

Then last month, on Feb. 11, KODY and Bighead linked up again for “Xybergoth,” a haunting, yet mosh-pit inducing banger. The synths that Bighead provides in his production cater perfectly for KODY’s raspy voice and energetic approach.

Capitalizing on their connection, KiLLKODY and Bighead are back again, this time adding the missing piece to their arsenal in Lil Tracy. Tracy and Bighead go way back, as they helped to ignite each other’s careers in the mid-to-late 2010s on SoundCloud.

Now KiLLKODY, Lil Tracy and Bighead have united, dropping their new single “Backend” on March 11.

“Backend” is a spooky track, as Bighead employs a melody that resemble keys used in by an organ in horror/vampire movies. Lil Tracy opens the song with a seamless flow on the hook that sandwiches his singular verse.

Give a f**k bout a friend, yeah

All I want is the backend

Got too many hoes like a pimp

I told that b*tch count up the backend

Yeah, b*tch I’m smokin’ hemp

Maserati with the tints

All this b*tch want is a glimpse of how a rich n***a live

“Backend” — KiLLKODY, Bighead, Lil Tracy

KiLLKODY’s grimy flow is introduced on the second half of the track, as he ferociously spits about blowing kisses to his b*tch, doing hits and counting up his money.

“Backend” is an infectious track where each of the three burgeoning stars develop chemistry and fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

Check out KiLLKODY’s new single “Backed” with Bighead and Lil Tracy below!