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Bighead Interview: SoundCloud era producer continues to reinvent himself

When reminiscing the height of the SoundCloud era, fans will likely recall a special mix of hits from artists like Lil Peep, Lil Pump, Lil Tracy and many more.

The engine behind a lot of hits from these artists was Bighead, who produced tracks like Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” (which is now 5x RIAA Platinum), “Overdose” by NBA YoungBoy and “Benz Truck, Pt. 2” by Lil Peep.

Growing up in Southern California, Bighead was homeschooled throughout his high school years, eventually staying inside all day making beats rather than writing essays. Before the year he was supposed to “graduate” high school, Bighead was making up to $10,000 per month selling his beats on

He would eventually link up with Lil Tracy, providing the instrumentals for hits like 2017’s “I’m Rude” and “Like a Glock” with Famous Dex. As these unhinged young stars portrayed an uncharted realness in their music, their lifestyle was filled with vices in partying, touring, sex and drugs.

While enjoyable and exciting, living like this eventually wore Bighead out, as he realized his dependence on drugs and alcohol were taking a huge toll on him. In October 2019, he would take a vow of sobriety, and admitted himself into Alcoholics Anonymous. Bighead is now over two years sober, as he gladly left behind the blur of the rockstar lifestyle he used to indulge himself in.

“I feel like that was another life that I died in, and now it’s like a rebirth and I can’t remember my old life.”

Bighead to OGM’s Hakeem Rowe

Nowadays, Bighead mediates and prays at times to find creative motivation, and looks to pick up hobbies like Rocket League to stimulate his mind.

This year alone, Bighead has released his collaborative EP Castles II with Lil Peep and Lil Tracy on digital streaming platforms, and has been putting out music as listed artist such as his single with Young BoukeEmotions,” featuring Young Thug and rock band Three Days Grace. Working with blossoming emo-rap acts in KiLLKODY and CHXPO, Bighead’s influence is spreading to all sections of the underground in one way or another.

KiLLKODY makes waves with rock-inspired track ‘Patrick Swayze’

Looking to work with new wave artists like KA$HDAMI, Bighead’s future is more than bright. As he strives for health and prosperity, he sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss his newfound label Bighead Music Group, his sobriety, his thoughts on monogamy, his relationship with Lil Tracy, producing with loops vs. making his own melodies, the importance of collaboration and more his Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

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Quotable Moments

Hakeem Rowe: “How long did it take you to realize you were good at making beats?”

BigHead: “I still don’t feel good. There’s always room for growth. But, I knew I was decent at making beats around three years in. When people started buying my shit on Soundclick and I was making a living, I knew. I was making around $10K a month.”

HR: “You are such a big part of the SoundCloud sound, y’all created a sound and a movement. Are you trying to do that again? Because there’s a bunch of new kids and artists that you’d like, is creating a new sound on your agenda?”

BigHead: “Not creating a new sound, just creating music I like with people I like, really just trying to perfect the same sound. Like with Tracy, we’re taking what we did in the past and making it even better, seeing what we can change.”