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KiLLKODY makes waves with rock-inspired track ‘Patrick Swayze’

Cleveland-based artist KiLLKODY is making noise like a Quiet Riot in the new wave. With Jasiah, POORSTACEY, ZillaKami, Travis Barker and others leading the charge for rock’s presence in hip-hop, the Ohio native continues his come-up off the back of his latest hit “Patrick Swayze.”

On the surface, Kody’s sound is an energetic blur of new wave rage and distorted emo-inspired melodies. However, he proves to be more than just another up-and-coming new wave rapper. Rising to acclaim from his emo anthem “SHE 2 GOTH 4 ME,” the self-proclaimed Goth Boy displays a refined track presence and unique voice altogether. Complemented by submerged guitar licks, droning 808s and hectic harmonies all seemingly crashing into one another, Kody continuously shines amid the melodic chaos enveloping his sound.

Sitting at just over 33,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and running in the same circles as Trippie Redd, linking up with a producer like Bighead — who boasts placements with Lil Peep, Famous Dex, NBA YoungBoy, Lil Pump and more — is a sure-fire co-sign setting him up for greater success.

On “Patrick Swayze,” Bighead and Kody are joined by frequent collaborator and fellow Goth Boy CHXPO, as the two flawlessly trade verses about getting “dozens” of women, stacking money and proving that he hasn’t “fell off like Patrick Swayze.”

Yeah, we got bitches by the dozen

Yeah, this bitch so bad she got me crushing

They kissing but they cousins

yeah Goth hoes in the function

I thought she riding but she wasn’t, yeah

Got my bitch from London

I know these n**** hating on the kid, it don’t faze me

I just put a drum on the stick, this bitch go crazy

My bitch said I fell off like Patrick Swayze

I just want her soul she tryna date me

“Patrick Swayze” — KiLLKODY

Bighead and CHXPO offer their own unique flair to the track, as “Patrick Swayze” features buzzing synth leads and a fast-paced distorted drum progresssion. Additionally, Bighead’s 2021 seemingly culminated on Thanksgiving when he dropped three separate tracks all in the same day. Connecting with Young Thug and Three Days Grace earlier this year, Bighead is more than familiar toeing the line between rock and rap — curating another rage banger for the up-and-coming stars.

While KiLLKODY looks to bolster his mainstream appeal with his dynamic skill set, it’s only a matter of time before he gets the recognition he deserves.

Listen to KiLL KODY’s “Patrick Swayze” below!