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KiLLKODY, Bighead bring forth new goth anthem ‘Xybergoth’

Punk-infused underground sensation KiLLKODY has comfortably positioned himself as the reigning king of goth anthems.

Along with frequent collaborators in CHXPO, Bighead and Zelly Ocho, the Cleveland-based emo-rapper’s latest track “Xybergoth” continues to push the envelope within the new wave’s ever-evolving soundscape. As Kody and his crew bolster their signature style with in-your-face bars and bombastic production, the “GOTHBOY” asserts his stake in the game with each passing track.

Igniting mosh-pits on first spin, “Xybergoth” comes off the back of Kody’s scintillating SoundCloud EP HELLRAISER. Sounding as if it came straight off the project, “Xybergoth” is yet another testament to Kody’s signature sound. Touting an eerie choir and bouncy 808s, Kody slides over the track speaking on how he’d “never leave my chopper, I’m like Lilo in that Stitch” — flexing his suave persona with women while continuing to cultivate his sound from the ground up.

The visual sees darkened, blood-red hues scattered throughout each frame, as Kody and company post-up in alleyways and in the streets with grainy visual effects cutting in and out like a knife. The track itself is visceral, bold and fueled by Kody’s demonic, ghostly energy.

On the surface, Kody’s sound is an enigmatic blur of new wave rage and distorted emo-inspired melodies. However, he proves to be more than just another up-and-coming new wave lyricist. Rising to acclaim from his emo anthem “SHE 2 GOTH 4 ME” — and sitting at over 25,000 Spotify monthly listeners — the self-proclaimed Goth Boy displays a refined track presence and unique voice altogether.

Seen teasing new music with rage pioneer Trippie Redd, the 1400 affiliate continues to etch his name alongside the likes of rock-centric rappers in JasiahZillakamiPOORSTACEY and a plethora of others.

Make no mistake, Kody is coming for the kill — striving to take over the game with a sound that’s reshaping the confines of rage-rap.

Watch KiLLKODY’s new video for “XYBERGOTH” below!