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Sauce Walka Interview: Iconic Houston rapper emerges as a business mogul

“When everybody wanted to be a Lamborghini, I wanted to be a toll road.”

Sauce Walka has always moved differently than those around him, which has led to his wide ranging success as a cultural curator and underground staple in hip-hop. Rather than just being a trendsetter, Walka feels that he is the model for those to follow in fashion, music, business ventures and everything else in between.

However, when you are that much of a forward thinker over your peers, the public tends to scrutinize you. This is what has lead to Walka going viral as many times as he has, which he insists is the plan all along anyways. Whether it be wearing VLONE shirts backwards, claiming to have started the terms “Pushin P” and “drip,” painting his Timberland boots to match his clothes and cars or being one of the first rappers on OnlyFans, Sauce Walka says going viral helps him financially and bolsters his status as a cultural enigma.

“I go viral so much, I’m so numb to going viral. I’ve been doing it so much I damn near started a Fortune 500 company off going viral. I’ve made well over 7-8 figures going viral. It’s not something that I have to prepare or have foresight of to strategize. I’m just a person that naturally captivates the hearts of millions of people with anything I do. Whether it’s my conversation, my look, how I walk, how I talk, the way I rap. I’m just a different person, I’m the most interesting man on earth.”

Sauce Walka

To avoid being viewed as a gimmick, it is important to provide useful content after going viral, and Sauce Walka never seems to lack in that department. Last year alone, he put out six different full-length projects — with four of them coming in the same week. Sauce Train dropped on April 6, then Birdz Hunt Snakes on April 7, Sauce R&B on April 8 and God of Texas on April 9.

Walka’s Houston roots have always played a major role in his artistry and image. In a city that has birthed hip-hop and pop culture icons like Travis Scott, Beyoncé, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, DJ Screw, Scarface, MAXO KREAM and more, Sauce Walka has stood out because of his efforts to bridge the gaps between Houston and other Texas cities.

“I always use my position and my power to shed light on the whole state, because I’m the one,” he said. “I do what I gotta do. There’s a lot of other great superstar talents that are coming out of my state, it’s just that we got a different upbringing than everybody else. We don’t beef with each other as much, but we don’t rap with each other either.”

Walka sees Texas as a place with the potential to be an identifiable staple in hip-hop like Florida, Atlanta, New York and Chicago. To help bolster this agenda, “The Sauce Factory,” co-founded by his frequent collaborator Sauncho Saucy, has always helped to uplift underground artists from his area.

Along with his label, Sauce Walka’s business ventures play a huge role in life currently. He has expanded his repertoire to social media, marketing, tech and other avenues, mostly due to his hunger to always have autonomy over his work and money — rather than answer to anybody else.

“I don’t care to chase being the hottest artist or the biggest selling artist, that’s cool and that’s nice. But I’m and entrepreneur and businessman, and a multi-faceted one at that. I own websites, tech companies, data mining groups… I got so many different things that I invest my time and my money into.”

Sauce Walka

He was motivated to venture into a larger role as a businessman because of earlier figures like Birdman, Rick Ross and Master P, who all rapped at a high level, but leveraged their success into other tangible services.

With all that Sauce Walka has on his plate, including his second child on the way, he took the time to sit down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe during his recent Texas trip. In this Our Generation Music exclusive interview, Sauce Walka discusses his viral influence, his upbringing, his admiration for Scarface and JAY-Z, meeting Busta Rhymes and much more.

Watch Sauce Walka’s OGM exclusive interview below!