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TRGC Interview: TwizzyRich producer breaks barriers on the cusp of his moment

Photos by Saint / OGM Creative Director

Having mastered the underground scene, TRGC is charged up and ready to show out…

For burgeoning producer and frequent Yeat collaborator TRGC, innovation is what he’s always had his sights set on.

Helping construct the rage-inducing sound that’s taken the game by storm as of late — conjuring many of Yeat’s cult classics like “Sorry Bout That,” Money Twerk” and “Money So Big” — his sound has quickly become essential in the new wave, and during his sit down with OGM’s own Hakeem Rowe, he lets it be known that he plans on keeping it that way.

There has always been something about rapper-producer duos that hip-hop has always been attached to. With Pi’erre Bourne and Playboi Carti being one of the most notable of joint collaborators, there was something mesmerizing about seeing the both of them rise to fame around the same exact time. As for TRGC, this appears to be the same scenario. As Yeat progresses and furthers his career, TRGC is right there next to him, as his signature sound has outwardly become a staple in the revitalized SoundCloud wave.

TRGS’s signature bell that he uses in almost every one of his beats has become iconic and is honestly what sparked the growth of his likeness. Yeat’s “This song already was turnt, but here’s a bell” line on “Gët Busy” hits every single time, and TRGC breaks down the origin of it.

“Shout out to Mason Wu — he’s the kid who made the loop for “Money Twerk.” I don’t know what it was about the bell, I just kept that shit in there. Yeat just found his pocket with that shit.

TRGC to Our Generation Music

Most recently, TRGC obtained a few producer credits on Yeat’s latest album 2 Alivë. Aside from the work he’s contributed to Yeat, he has also produced songs for Summrs, SoFaygo and Lil Yachty. With the amount of star power that he’s shown thus far in the game, there’s no doubt that TRGC’s producer tag will be heard on many more records in the near future.

Another topic TRGC speaks on is the idea of producers being more open with sharing their work and how it’s made. In the past, a lot of producers in the game never gave out their secret sauce and wanted to keep it tucked for their own arsenal. Nowadays, we have producers going live on Instagram cooking up and even going live on Twitch to stream the entire session. “You don’t got to go Super Saiyan and show all your skills,” he says, but he does like to give out tips to inspire the next person who may want to take producing more seriously — also speaking on the importance of having goals and sticking to them.

You gotta have a plan. A Blueprint, plan, whatever you wanna call it. You got to have one and stick with it. Whatever you go through, don’t let nobody switch up what you got goin’ on.”


It’s very clear that TRGC has a love for music, a love for evolving and a passion for creating overall. That being said, it’s going to be amazing to see his career skyrocket from here on out. Continuing to give words of advice to the next generation, TRGC chopped it up with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to speak on his collabs with Yeat, 4L, SoFaygo and more in our latest OGM exclusive interview.

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