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Yeat is ‘2 Alivë’ on his ascent to mainstream success

No matter how it happened, Yeat’s come-up this past year was seemingly unavoidable. Following a three-project run in 2021 with Alivë, 4L, and Up 2 Më, these tapes not only brought his popularity to another level, but seemingly lifted the Portland-born, LA-based rapper to superstar acclaim.

In a matter of months, tracks in “Money Twërk,” “Sorry Bout That,” “Gët Busy” and “Turban” would find viral success on TikTok — catching the ears of millions due to his exotic sound and unique flow. Meshed with a cacophony of layered vocals and innovative ad-libs, Yeat’s ascension was imminent ahead of his latest album 2 Alivë.

While he’s reaping the rewards of recent co-signs from Drake, The Weeknd, Young Thug and his Young Stoner Life imprint, 2 Alivë is already seeing success on a national stage. Selling 35,000 first-week units and eyeing a Top 5 debut on the Billboard 200, Yeat’s latest effort is set to be his second Billboard-charting album — garnering praise from fans who crowned him as 2021’s bonafide breakout artist.

2 Alivë became one of the most highly-anticipated albums of 2022 because of Yeat’s infectious sound and immersive style. Off the back of his Lyrical Lemonade treatment for “Still Countin” — the lead single off the album — fans instantly recognize his underground feel and rockstar attitude that portrays the grainy, eye-catching cover art that’s synonymous to his artistry. Clocking in at 20 tracks and featuring artists like Young Thug, Gunna, Ken Car$on, SeptembersRich and Yung Kayo, Yeat’s well on his way to become one of the new wave’s marquee stars in the mainstream.

“Poppin” sets the tone for the project’s euphoric, energetic escapade straight from the jump. Similar to Yeat’s previous albums, 2 Alivë is a harmonic collision of raw vocal inflections based on emotion, mixed with rage-styled production that matches perfectly with Yeat’s undefinable artistic choices.

What gravitates fans towards Yeat is not only his out-of-the-box melodies and overall innovative sound, but his way in being unapologetically different. Whether it’s rocking a turban or enunciating his words in a certain way, (which includes his own lingo of “Luh,” “Tonka” and “Twizzy”), his insanely eruptive wordplay and rage-styled beats put him atop his own sub-genre of hip-hop regardless. All of these factors have led Yeat to his current position and have made 2 Alivë the No. 1-streamed project on both Spotify and Apple Music this week.

All of Yeat’s intrinsically specific qualities are heard throughout 2 Alivë, as he continuously challenges the norm and breaks boundaries for his genre-defying sound. Of all the comparisons Yeat’s been getting lately, Playboi Cartis willingness to go against the grain on Whole Lotta Red seemingly mirrors Yeat’s energy throughout the project. As a rap-centric derivative of this electronic, synth-heavy “rage” sound sweeping the industry, Yeat takes it a step further engulfing fans into his world — as unique and uncharted as it is.

In songs like “Jump,” “Nvr again,” “Jus Bëtter” “Rëal six” and “Call më,” Yeat abruptly switches his flow — daring to be different as he bends his vocals to create piercing melodies that are sure to leave fans stunned. Many listeners took to Twitter to share their thoughts and reactions to the album, as these tracks became favorites among die-hard fans.

Although many may argue that Yeat lacks effort and even skill in his lyrical chops, he makes up for it through the power of elite production and his experimental musical decisions. As evident in 2 Alivë, Yeat is reliant on his rare ability to quickly switch up his flow, as he showcases brief examples of his melodic side with tons of control. When listening to Yeat for the first time, one must know that his lyrics aren’t meant to paint a picture or tell a story, but rather curate an aura, enhance his stylistic ad-libs and truly authentic flow — as heard on 2 Alivë.

Throughout 2 Alivë’s 20 tracks, a massive 30 producers were credited to giving fans the ultimate Yeat experience. The album is heavy on 808s and filled with razor-sharp synths that perfectly pair with Yeat’s genre-shifting voice.

Overall, 2 Alivë is truly a step in the right direction for the 21-year-old hitmaker, as the Yeat experience is like listening to something completely out of this world. With every release, he continues to shatter expectations in one way or another and like it or not, hip-hop is witnessing history as Yeat continues to take off.

Touting a rapidly growing, cult-like following, he continues to gain recognition from some of the world’s biggest stars. We have not seen a new sound take shape this fast since Juice WRLD — and before long, Yeat may too have a No. 1 record under his belt.

Check out 2 Alivë below!