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Yeat’s ‘2 Alivë’ trends toward Billboard 200 Top 5 debut

In just a matter of months, Yeat has become an enigma surrounding the underground scene, skyrocketing straight to superstardom stemming from his lawless, free-flowing sound. His new album, 2 Alivë, has not only been THE focal point of hip-hop conversations since the start of 2022, but introduces a more refined and focused Yeat for new fans and to those who were already tapped in 4L.

At 20 tracks long, 2 Alivë is set to catapault the Portland-bred rapper to greater heights, already on pace to sell 35,000 first-week units and a Top 5 debut on the Billboard 200. Recruiting Young Thug, Gunna, Yung Kayo, Ken Car$on, SeptembersRich and Lil Uzi Vert — who is confirmed to be included on the album’s deluxe — Yeat is truly on the fast track to fame, taking himself and his “Twizzys” all the way to the top.

To help him usher in his breakthrough project, hip-hop’s most coveted music video director Cole Bennett came in for the assist on Feb. 11. Yeat released the music video to 2 Alivë’s lead single “Still Countin” through Lyrical Lemonade’s YouTube page, as he’s ascended leaps and bounds following his LL treatment.

The entire 2000’s-inspired nostalgic, yet futuristic themed was impressively shot on Bennett’s iPhone, which he confirmed in the comments under our post, “Did almost all the effects on iPhone too. All free apps.” He confirmed at the end of the video that 80% of the effects he used were via free phone apps.

“Still Countin” builds upon what made Yeat a viral star in 2021, with potent synths and choppy bars about Tonka trucks and his drugs like “wock”

Heard there’s a fountain of youth (Youth), told ’em to fill it with Wock’

“Still Countin” — Yeat

Ultimately, Yeat’s time is now, looking to double down on the hype he’s garnered in such a short amount of time on his latest effort.

Listen to 2 Alivë below!

Yeat’s ‘2 Alivë’ will be a moment hip-hop’s new wave

Since the summer of 2021, Yeat has undoubtably been one of the most exciting young artists hip-hop has had to offer. Whether it be influencing TikTok trends, fashion or lingo, Yeat’s unmatched energy has caused his career to soar coming into 2022.

Features are actually not a commonality for Yeat, as his previous two albums 4L and Up 2 Më have only contained two separate features each from frequent collaborator SeptembersRich. However, with his newfound commercial success, it appears Yeat and his team have decided to indulge in some marquee features from the Young Stoner Life Camp.

2 Alivë will serve as the sequel to his 22-track, April 2021 album Alivë. It is evident with all these projects that Yeat was exceptionally busy last year, and does not plan on taking his foot off the gas any time soon. He has reaped the benefits of this hard work with a Drake co-sign and a sought-after Billboard 200 arrival to start the year with Up 2 Më.

As he mentioned in his recent Instagram story, Yeat plans on going No. 1 on Billboard with 2 Alivë, and it is absolutely plausible. He’s not only broken through as one of hip-hop culture’s top influencers, but has became a force to be reckoned at the top of the underground.