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Yeat earns his first-ever Billboard 200 entry with ‘Up 2 Më’

Saying Yeat had just a successful 2021 would be a complete understatement.

We’ve seen plenty of artists rise to the top of the new wave this year, however, the Portland native seemingly stole the attention of the underground with records in Trëndi, Alivë, 4L and his latest Up 2 Më — shooting him to the top of mainstream pages and social feeds alike.

Yeat has not only proved himself as one of the prominent leaders of the new wave, but his music and numbers are beginning to show it. As of this week, Up 2 Më has officially entered the Billboard 200, charting at No. 183 — marking his first Billboard entry of his young career.

The 21-year-old rage-rapper had multiple tracks absolutely take off on TikTok, managing to snag a coveted cosign from the game’s most notorious rapper Drake. While the 6 God can be seeing posing alongside the “Gët Busy” rapper, Yeat’s success is backed off a cult following that strives to seem him shine in every light.

While Yeat’s star has absolutely skyrocketed in 2021, he plans to go even harder in 2022. You heard it here first, this won’t be the last you see Yeat on Billboard.

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