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Ken Car$on's Glock 19

Ken Car$on floats on new single ‘Glock 19’

Ken Car$on floats on new single ‘Glock 19’: Atlanta rapper/producer is back with new music after January ‘Teen X : Relapsed’ EP.

Ken Car$on released his first mixtape Boy Barbie in May 2020, which featured London punk rapper Lancey Foux twice and included high energy banger “Geeked Up.” Throughout the EP he refers to himself as “Boy Barbie,” which is likely derived from his stage name being inspired by the Ken doll from the Barbie doll collection.

He spoke more about this in his interview with Our Generation Music in February.

Later in August, Car$on dropped his second EP Teen X which includes his most popular song to date, “Yale.” On the short two-minute track, he swiftly rides the beat with production similar to that on Playboi Carti’s December release Whole Lotta Red. This, of course, is because not only is Ken Car$on signed to Carti’s label Opium, but also had a hand in producing the WLR, particularly “Beno!”

A week after Whole Lotta Red‘s release, Car$on dropped his third EP Teen X : Relapsed, which contained up-tempo tracks such as “Teen X Babe” and groovy bops like “High as Sh!T” showcasing his quick, choppy bars.

Got Maison Mihara, that’s all on my kicks

She all on my dick, she don’t know what it is

Got purple Wockhardt, I ain’t pourin’ no Tris (Oh nah)

“High as SH!T” — Ken Car$on

Yesterday, Ken Car$on dropped his new track “Glock 19” on Soundcloud. The laid-back instrumental is produced by Juberlee, who has most notably produced “Slay3r” from Playboi Carti’s Whole Lotta Red and “A+” by Kenny Mason featuring Denzel Curry, as well as Car$on’s “Teen X” and “Teen X Babe.”

“Glock 19” includes one verse sandwiched by a lengthy chorus that alludes to Car$on’s childhood being surrounded by guns and drugs.

I had a Glock 19 before I was nineteen years old, ayy

I was only eleven when I saw my daddy scrape the bowl, ayy

Now he facing a ten, free my pops, free my folks, ayy

“Glock 19” — Ken Car$on

It has been a few months since Ken Car$on has officially released music, so this new track helps him to pick up the momentum he left off with in late 2020 and early 2021. Check out Ken Car$on’s new song “Glock 19” below.

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