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Playboi Carti wants to ‘drop NARCISSIST now’

The Atlanta rapper has yet to reveal his elusive project, yet is seemingly taking a “DONDA” approach to its release.

Sadly, the long-awaited date for Playboi Carti’s THE NARCISSIST passed without any announcement, however, things still seem to be in motion.

While Carti did not release any news or signs of his upcoming LP, he instead launched its accompanying merch line on his website.

The collection includes a biker helmet, ski mask, jackets, baseball caps and more. But, it seems as though Carti is taking a page out of Kanye West’s book in his rollout, changing his name and profile picture on Twitter as well as texting in a group chat that his clothing line was released without his permission.

Carti tweeted out another screenshotted text saying to “forget the sample clearances. Drop Narcissist now” Wednesday morning.

Much else has led up to the screenshot he posted Tuesday night. Along with a rumored listening party that turned out to be a false alarm and a mysterious post from Carti, fans were ultimately left disappointed without any semblance of a project on its expected day of arrival.

While fans are left with minimal clues as to when or if Playboi Carti will drop (if it really is new music), then maybe sporting some NARCISSIST gear will boost your spirits for the time being.

Playboi Carti announces headline tour for ‘THE NARCISSIST’

As we await what “Narcissist” could potentially be, Playboi Carti announced his “Narcissist” tour the morning of Sept. 1.

The tour includes several stops in Texas, Florida, California and many more cities. The pre-sale for tour has already begun, as the tickets go live tomorrow (Sept. 2).

It is still unknown what the nature of his “Narcissist” project is, but fans will soon find out once Sept. 13 rolls around.

Playboi Carti has established enough power to shift all attention to him by simply posting a date.

That’s exactly what he did on Monday (Aug. 23) when he took to Instagram to inexplicably post photos of himself in a black winter outfit captioned “NARCISSIST 09/13/21.”

At the moment, it is unknown what this release will be, but fans have narrowed it down to either a music related release or a fashion line, featuring the clothes he is wearing in the photo. Both would make sense, as September 13 is actually Carti’s birthday, so a celebratory drop is fitting.

All year, Carti has been teasing the deluxe version of his notorious Christmas 2020 album Whole Lotta Red, first announcing it two days after the album’s release.

He has yet to release the deluxe or mention it in months. However, he did feature on a song with fellow Atlanta artist ABRA over the weekend, which could be telling that he is back to releasing music.

With little clues, fans are left to speculate what “NARCISSIST” could be — hoping that Carti will reveal more information in the coming days before its release.