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Glokk40Spaz ‘Took The Biggest Risk’ — and it’s paying off

Big risks come with big rewards.

Even though he’s been off the streets for over a year, 19 year-old Glokk40Spaz proved he still has them on fire with the release of his latest album, Took The Biggest Risk (Sept. 8).

Whether you know him as GL4, Baby Whoa or Glokk40Spaz, over the last year this teenage firecracker out of Atlanta has captured the imagination of the streets and the underground alike with his intensely original style and insane backstory to match – earning enthusiastic cosigns from many of the most important faces in the underground and comparisons to modern-day legend like Chief Keef and NBA Youngboy. To the rejoice of his ferocious cult following eagerly awaiting new music, their patience was finally rewarded with 17 new tracks on his aptly titled second major label release.

After re-releasing some of the greatest hits that turned him into an underground phenom (including “Bad Man” “I Choose Violence” and “BE RIGHT BACK”) earlier in the year with Glokk Files, fans are excited for a fresh batch of new tracks and continue to be amazed by the amount of music and visuals still being churned out by the GL4 camp. 

In today’s increasingly homogenous music landscape, Glokk40Spaz stands alone as a truly singular figure who is unafraid to ruffle feathers and fiercely committed to his unorthodox cadence and surprisingly versatile signature sound that ranges from roomshaking mosh music to surprisingly tender melodies. And on Took the Biggest Risk he continues to remain committed to his close circle of go-to guys in producers Al Chapo, Sensei ATL and Cap Crunch – and of focurse right hand man Baby Solid with the project’s sole feature. 

Some of the most recognizable Baby Whoa-classics are also his most turnt up, characterized by his raw vocal and rapidfire delivery of vicious punchlines and eyebrow-raising nonsequitors – some of which rhyme and none of which fall into anything resembling a traditional time signature. On Took the Biggest Risk he channels that same wild “BE RIGHT BACK” feel with songs like “Different Goals,” “Backdoor” and “F*ck Sum,” matching and even outdoing the energy of the intensely busy production with wild bars and a nonstop percussive flow enough to work a room into a fever pitch. 

While his high energy songs are surely the attention-grabbers, what really makes GL4 stand out of from the crowd is his ability to shift gears. Tracks like “3rd World,” “Levels Vol. 2” and “Take A Risk” show off an entirely different side of Glokk, gliding over very chill pluggnb production with meandering autotune melodies that feel much more refined and still somehow just as raw as ever (like on his counterintuitively titled fan-favorite “I Choose Violence”). 

Normally sticking with one lane or the other, every once in a while the stars align and he finds the perfect balance of the two. One of the best moments on the project comes with “I Got A Army,” where he creates a perfect marriage between the sing-songy plugg production and his fast-paced, rough-edged delivery.  And on songs like “8 Mile” and “Get Wicked,” he seamlessly alternates between his raw vocal and autotune-laden melodies to create some of the most well-rounded GL4 tracks to date.  

While his moniker and current circumstances may paint a certain image of the controversial young fringe star, his intense originality, deceptively dynamic sound and obvious work ethic suggest there may just be a multifaceted superstar hiding below his rough exterior. With any luck, he’ll be home before long to enjoy his newfound fame and unlock the next era of Glokk40Spaz. 

Listen to Glokk40Spaz’s ‘Took the Biggest Risk’ Below

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