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Glokk40Spaz revisits his greatest hits with ‘Glokk Files’

Even while stuck behind bars, Glokk40Spaz has the streets on fire.

At just 19 years old, Atlanta’s Glokk40Spaz is undoubtedly one of the most exciting new faces in the game. His intensely original sound is unapologetically raw, surprisingly versatile, and perfectly intersects the underground and the streets – with the fiery personality and insane backstory to match.

Despite facing legal troubles that have kept him off the streets in 2023, this year his star has shot to the moon. From some of the biggest cosigns in the game to the onslaught of GL4 memes, and from Opium rumors to comparisons to the likes of Chief Keef and NBA Youngboy, Glokk is the hottest topic and his ferocious cult following is growing every day.

With Glokk Files, he’s officially rereleasing fan-favorite tracks like “Be Right Back,” “Bad Man,” “Remember Me” and more that have helped him become one of the underground’s undisputed new favorites.

Whether you know him as GL4, Baby Whoa or Glokk40Spaz, one thing you can’t call him is unoriginal. Between his rapid fire percussive delivery, in-your-face bars, and blatant disregard for typical flow patterns and time signatures, once you’ve acquired a taste for his idiosyncratic style and lovably lo-fi sound it’s almost impossible to go back. From his eyebrow-raising moniker to his intensely unique sound, in a music landscape where “gangster rap” is beginning to feel a little stale, Glokk is anything but. 

One of the most interesting qualities that turns Glokk from a curiosity into a potential superstar is his deceptively versatile sound: from room-shaking mosh music to surprisingly tender melodies. In the first category are some of his most memorable fan-favorites like “Be Right Back” and “Bad Man,” some of the best examples of his electric raw energy and wild flows backboned by insanely hard-hitting production – most of which is comes courtesy of his go-to lineup of producers including OK, Glokay, four3va, Al Chapo and SenseiATL. Other tracks from Glokk Files in this lane would include “Swamp,” “Come Catch Me” and “Muzzle.”

In the second category are songs like “Remember Me” and the counterintuitively titled “I Choose Violence,” where he applies that same unorthodox flow over more chill, laidback pluggnb production (in addition to tracks like “Rob B4 I Rap” and “Be A Man”). This second gear suggests there is a lot more than meets the eye with Glokk, showing that he’s able to apply his seemingly niche delivery over a wide range of cutting edge production – appealing equally to the new wave underground and the streets. 

Sources close to Glokk say he is diligently working the phones to beef up the tracklist for his new tape while they battle the leakers, as he knows fans are eager for new music as soon as possible. Whether it’s his mutual admiration with D Savage, his deep ties with SoFaygo, or his beef with some of the biggest names in music – not to mention the prolific output of singles and music videos even while locked up – there is plenty of mystery left to uncover about Baby Whoa.

One thing we know for sure, Glokk40Spaz has captured the imagination of the underground and the industry alike, and everyone is waiting on his next move. 

Listen to Glokk40Spaz’s ‘Glokk Files’ below