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Chief Keef comes full circle with ‘Finally Rich’ complete edition

Chicago legend Chief Keef has been all gas no breaks this year — adding on to the album that not only defines his career, but has been a staple in the game for over a decade.

Hip-hop wears Finally Rich’s influence on its sleeve, as Sosa rereleased the classic project on Friday (Dec. 16) — giving it the proper love it deserves in the new digital era. With billboards popping up in Chicago to promote the “complete edition,” the record holds seven new tracks and brings an additional feature from Wiz Khalifa, who appeared alongside 50 Cent on the original album’s standout single, “Hate Bein’ Sober.”

In 2012, Sosa had the industry in a chokehold by popularizing the then-controversial drill sub-genre. This movement has since traveled to major cities like London and New York, where young listeners found themselves relating to — and living through — his graphic lyrics about street life. As his movement continued to grow, so did Chief Keef’s impact as he returned with two albums the following year — the first of which being Almighty So.

Almost exactly nine years later, he is set to follow up the series with its sequel on April 14, previewing his upcoming LP with its first single “Racks Stuffed Inna Couch.” Sosa has ultimately stayed true to his sound for the last decade, using a nostalgic, brass-filled instrumental on his lead-in effort. His energy is through the roof as he matches the uptempo beat, screaming in the ad-libs while using a rowdy, staccato delivery.

After announcing his new label, 43B, earlier this year, Chief Keef has been ramping up his output, recently appearing alongside his first signee Lil Gnar‘s single “Almighty Gnar.” His solo tracks “Chief So” and “Tony Montana Flow” surfaced soon after, signaling the beginning of the rollout for AS2. Similarly, Keef is an OG at just 26-years-old, cementing himself alongside other legendary rappers who changed the game in their own right.

Coming full circle with Finally Rich (Complete Edition), it’s evident that Keef’s core influence on the culture will always be in tact.

Check out ‘Finally Rich: Complete Edition’ by Chief Keef below!

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