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Xavier Wulf Interview: SoundCloud era OG deserves his flowers

Xavier Wulf has become a prolific name in the internet era of hip-hop, receiving credit as one of the more successful independent rappers of our generation.

His music — both solo and in collaboration with Raider Klan and Seshollowaterboyz — is a testament to the success that comes from operating without major label backing.

Members of Raider Klan have done bigger numbers than they ever could have imagined at the time, as they would go on to become one of the most popular underground collectives in the mid-2010s among the likes of Odd Future, A$AP Mob and Members Only.

Following his SoundCloud stardom, Wulf and fellow MCs Bones and Eddy Baker formed Seshollowaterboyz — a Los Angeles-based group dating back to 2014. They’ve accumulated a loyal fanbase and continue to run the underground hip-hop scene by releasing a consistent flow of music and holding semi-regular kickbacks for their fans post-pandemic.

One thing about Xavier and his crew — they certainly know how to throw a show. Throughout the interview, Rowe and Wulf reminisce about San Bernardino’s Rolling Loud festival, where the rapper performed an unbelievable set right before Post Malone.

Touring was essential for SoundCloud’s initial era, throwing insane warehouse shows where plummeting into the crowd, moshing with fans and going ballistic were the norm. Wulf soon found himself alongside the likes of Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, Denzel Curry, XXXTentacion and more — further innovating their signature rage-rap sound.

From Skepta to Lil Peep to Tyler, the Creator, Wulf has had his fair share of mainstream recognition. As one of the pioneers of the internet hip-hop movement — along with his Seshollowaterboyz compatriots — Wulf still preaches to young rappers to promote their own music, regardless of any label ties.

As of today, Xavier Wulf has fourteen projects and ranks as one of the 20 most streamed artists out of Memphis. He sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss his Memphis origins, Lil Peep, Skepta, artist branding, his rise in the underground and more in this Our Generation Music exclusive.

HR: How does it feel now being considered an OG in [the SoundCloud era]?

XW: “It feels good and not for a second do I want to abuse the power or get cocky or nothing like that. I look at it like if you know, you know… if you don’t, you’ll find out from somebody. I don’t have to be on Twitter, “What the fuck was this SoundCloud…”, none of that.”

HR: Are you excited to finally get back out there and perform?

XW: “I miss it. I took a year off… I ain’t gon lie when covid hit… it made me realize how much I took tour for granted and I was like damn I miss the shows, I miss the feeling, I miss sweating and just like screaming all the time. Now I’m back I’m about to get it cracking again and I won’t take it for granted again.”

HR: I’m gonna talk to you about working with the legend Gus. What was it like working with Lil Peep?

XW: “See that’s one person that I loved his music, it was always flawless to me. Sometimes I hear people’s shit and I’m like, “It’s cool but you should have did this or you could have did better on this or you could have mixed that better” or something like that. The sound of his music was crazy, how he mixed his voice and all this shit. It was good music. I knew back when he was young, before he blew up to all these other people’s shit, I knew he was gonna be straight.”

HR: The new album, what can you tell us about it?

XW: “It’s in the works right now. I’m gonna give all the people, all you guys and girls, you’re gonna have everything you want. I read the comments and shit, I know what y’all want I know what you’re begging for.”

HR: Can you give us anything about it? I know a little bit about it are you able to talk, just a little bit about it?

XW: “I’ll say this, it’s gonna be completely Memphis influenced… I’mma only have producers from Memphis making the beats, and if I do features on it, which I am, they’re going to be my n***** from Memphis that I f*** with.”

  • 1:40 Throwing kickbacks at the shop after being lockdown
  • 2:45 building a devout , cult-like fanbase
  • 3:15 the Music comes first before anything
  • 3:51 Beat selection key to the music
  • 4:16 The music has to be solid and must sound good
  • 5:00 Xavier Wulf records himself for the most part
  • 6:44 Branding
  • 7:30 Every fan or supporter counts and artists got to respect and show love
  • 10:00 one of the first artists to get paid from SoundCloud
  • 11:44 The amount on his first SoundCloud Check
  • 12:45 Receiving the credit for bringing SoundCloud into the frontlines
  • 14:16 Yung Lean
  • 14:44 Fondest memories from the Raider Klan
  • 16:00 Tour route to Coachella
  • 17:30 Seshallowaterboyz and the influence on the underground scene
  • 19:17 the recognition as an OG out of SoundCloud
  • 20:28 Rolling Loud San Bernardino with their set before Post Malone
  • 21:00 Never taking touring for granted again
  • 22:00 Tapped into Memphis and playing Blocboy JB & Tay Keith
  • 23:50 Memphis producing some legends
  • 25:00 Just being yourself and living it out to the fullest, taking in the good with the bad
  • 27:15 You need to know who you are and it’s ok to be inspired and influenced but don’t clone
  • 28:53 recently the certifications and plaques have been on Xavier Wulf’s mind
  • 30:18 Being a dog father
  • 31:15 Working with Lil Peep , RIP GUS
  • 33:31 Passion for Sneakers
  • 34:27 Dropping his own shoe, Samurai Wulf 1 & 2
  • 38:46 Giving a deserving person a chance
  • 41:32 Speaking on his favorites out the sneaker collection
  • 42:27 Rude Dog
  • 44:20 Xavier Wulf x Skepta collaboration “Check it Out” Remix
  • 49:25 Anime
  • 50:10 Adult Swim is Xavier Wulf’s vibe
  • 54:10 Xavier Wulf’s car collection and his dream garage
  • 56:00 Crossing paths with Tyler the Creator
  • 56:32 The most recent car that caught Xavier’s attention
  • 58:40 Speaking on Japan
  • 1:00:18 The new album in the works is heavily Memphis influenced & inspired with only Memphis producers and features from Memphis natives
  • 1:01:36 Top 20 on the Most streamed Memphis artists
  • 1:02:20 Message for Our Generation