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BabyTron Interview: Detroit’s rising star is on a mission to ‘take over the whole decade’

If anything, Detroit wordsmith BabyTron has no shortage of philosophical quips, one-liners and confidence to succeed at the highest level.

Off the heels of his latest album Megatron (March 4), the heavy-hitting lyricist’s persona speaks volumes to the outlandish, carefree character he portrays in his work. Humbled, down-to-earth and devoutly thankful for his fanbase, the ShittyBoyz member has created a movement that’s evidently caught fire in the new wave — putting on for his city by continually one-upping each of his past projects.

“My mentality is always just to try and one-up the last one. So I feel like [Megatron] is one-up. This is a tester, a teaser — just know that this top-tier, this is the top [album] I got. 2022 about to be serious. I’m gonna take over the whole decade, the century. Shit’s gonna last a millennium.”

BabyTron on what’s next after ‘Megatron’

Listening to BabyTron for the first time is an adrenaline rush — hitting you with a slew of metaphors and rhymes that are both profound and potent. Rapping about everything from Fortnite to being “so high, I’m eating chili cheese fries without a fork,” no subject is off-limits for the 21-year-old emcee. However, he makes it all work in his favor, going against the grain with his fans supporting him every step of the way — no matter the context.

Mixed with his patented off-kilter delivery and a fresh-pressed set of uncanny bars, Megatron not only dives deeper into the Detroit native’s ear-splitting sound, but also reaps the rewards of new listeners coming in from the success of his previous project, Bin Reaper 2. Simply put, BabyTron is the rapper everyone else is trying to mimic, as his one-of-a-kind rhymes and captivating track presence showcases him in one light: a superstar in the making.

Stemming from his collaborative LP, Trifecta, with the ShittyBoyz a few weeks ago, Tron’s latest solo LP stands as a featureless mosaic poised to lift the fast-spitting rapper to new heights. Coming from other sports-inspired albums in 2021’s Luka Troncic and 2020’s Sleeve Nash, MegaTron outwardly respects beloved Detroit Lions’ legend Calvin “MegaTron” Johnson in both the title and the cover — sitting atop a goal post with a Lions helmet under his arm.

The album cascades into a barrage of bars over both Detroit style grooves and unorthodox, experimental production alike. Utilizing sampled, 80s-inspired intros throughout the LP, tracks like “December 1st,” “Jerry Rice,” “RIP Virgil” and more showcases Tron’s uniquely melted cadence over a variety of sounds — taking a page out of the new wave’s book by gliding over buzzing synths and bubbly production on “Mainstream Tron

Igniting a buzzing list of rappers that have followed in the footsteps of Detroit’s signature sound, Lil Yachty paid homage to the city on his mixtape Michigan Boy Boat in 2021, recruiting Tron on “Hybrid” as well as D mainstays in BabyFace Ray, Sada Baby, Baby Smoove, Tee Grizzley and more.

As BabyTron looks toward taking over “the decade,” he sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to speak on his new album Megatron, his ShittyBoyz collective, Trifecta, Lil Yachty, basketball, Miles Turner, the love he has for his fans and much more in his Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

Watch BabyTron’s OGM exclusive below!