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BabyTron catches dimes like ‘MEGATRON’ on new album

Detroit’s “Prince Of The Mitten” continues to rise as one of the city’s best young lyricists, as BabyTron’s new album Megatron (March 4) is another testament to the witty wordsmith’s outlandish punchlines and captivating, off-kilter flow.

Stemming from his collaborative LP, Trifecta, with the ShittyBoyz a few weeks ago, Tron’s latest solo LP is poised to lift the fast-spitting rapper to new heights. Off the back of his other sports-inspired albums in 2021’s Luka Troncic and 2020’s Sleeve Nash, MegaTron outwardly pays homage to beloved Detroit Lions’ legend Calvin “MegaTron” Johnson in both the title and the cover — sitting atop a goal post with a Lions helmet under his arm.

Containing 23 total tracks, Megatron not only dives deeper into the Detroit native’s ear-splitting sound, but also reaps the rewards of new listeners coming in from the success of his previous project, Bin Reaper 2.

Ushering in the album with a fresh-pressed single and video (released on Feb. 25), “Chess Players” was the second promotional track for Megatron featuring SOB X RBE member DaBoii. The pair’s refined chemistry is heard all throughout the record, trading flows seamlesssly while tearing off several energetic verses for a hook. While Tron is known for his monotone raps at lightening speed, he takes a different approach to “Chess Players,” flexing his Gucci windbreaker, matching luxury apparel and guns all in seemingly one breath.

Buffs white as hell, same time got the blackest pop

Hunnid rounder, ahki sliding, finna whack a opp

Two chains bust, next month finna grab a watch

Gucci windbreaker, shoes, and the matching socks

If you in the field, young boy, you better grab a Glock

BabyTron — “Chess Players”

The album cascades into a barrage of bars over both patented Detroit style grooves and unorthodox, experimental production alike. Utilizing sampled, 80s-inspired intros throughout the LP, tracks like “December 1st,” “Jerry Rice,” “RIP Virgil” and more showcases Tron’s one-of-a-kind, melted cadence over a variety of sounds — taking a page out of the new wave’s book by gliding over buzzing synths and bubbly production on “Mainstream Tron

On other cuts like “6 Star Wanted Level,” “Crocs & Wock” “Mr. Do The Dash” and Tron’s third official single “Peachtree,” his signature eccentric bars are met with an equally frivolous approach to his street-centric swagger.

“High as hell on thanksgiving, EDM, sipping wock,” he proclaims on the intro of “6 Star Wanted Level,” referencing luxury cars and holding a “Green Nike tech, popping out like Zelda. Lyrics too hard, even Genius not right,” before the beat changes twice midway through. As a young king of “hustle music,” Tron has been known to illicit a variety of beat switches in his songs, making rhymes look easy over 19 beats on “Prince Of The Mitten

As Detroit’s viscerally uncanny superstar continues to pave a new way for his city’s sound, it seems as though that he’s already playing ahead of his opponents — taking over the game one chess move at a time.

Listen to ‘Megatron’ below!