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Onlybino! Interview: ‘luv2hat3’ emcee continues to cement his future star status

Photo courtesy of @_saulsosa

There is absolutely nothing to hate about Onlybino!’s debut mixtape, luv2hat3.

A rare talent emerging out of the underground, the Jamaican-born, Florida-based rapper’s latest project explores the full range of his polished R&B-infused rage-rap that is easily one of the more mainstream-ready of the new wave.

First entering the scene in 2019 and finding more traction in 2020, OnlyBino! has consistently separated himself from the pack with quality releases featuring his original, R&B-hybrid sound and unique top-tier production.

His captivating delivery and production arrangements on tracks like “Butterfly Doors” and “Vivi Necklace” have helped attract collaborations with fellow rising stars in SSGKobe, Midwxst and TyFontaine. At the end of 2021, he quietly joined the powerhouse roster of Zack Bia’s Field Trip Recordings and Columbia Records, virtually cementing him as one of those “next up” alongside Yeat, SSGKobe, HVN and Slump6s.

While some of Onlybino!’s peers drop frequent, sometimes raw-sounding singles, he takes his time to craft an original sound all his own — inching his way to stardom as a rage-infused, pluggnb anomaly amongst a sea of soundalikes. Sitting at just over 75,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, his talent is apparent between the nuances of his melodic, emotion-driven singing and his auto tune-dripped rhymes that translate the energy of the luv2hat3’s cover art. Engulfed by a sea of fans at arms’ length, Bino not only turns up on the short 11-track album, but makes all 25 minutes count.

The first half of the tape is definitely the “soundcloud rap” side to his sound — opening with “Bigger” and “On Me” that feature familiar flows yet see him innovate with uniques tone and catchy sing-rapped cadences. Bino turns all the way up on “Wish List” and “Don’t Talk,” proving he can open a mosh pit just as good as anyone in the underground.

It’s “Ecstasy” where it really feels like he hits his stride, falling into a smooth, supremely confident and tastefully affected melodic flow – half-rapping and half-singing as if Bryson Tiller was born out of the revitalized Soundcloud generation. He explores different variations of this hugely compelling delivery throughout the second half of the project, a few standouts being “The nice guy,” “My Way” and “Us.” Another highlight is the previously released “Chills,” the lead single dropped in February that came with an impressive No Soap-directed visual and set a high bar for Bino’s first project.

Now a few weeks removed from its release, Bino caught up with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to speak on their Jamaican roots, luv2hat3, his creative process, his inspirations like Bryson Tiller and much more in this very special Our Generation Music exclusive.

Watch OnlyBino!’s OGM Interview below!

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