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OnlyBino! brings forth ‘Chills’ on new single, visual

One of the underground’s newest rising stars OnlyBino! gave fans goosebumps on his new single, “Chills.”

For those who haven’t acquired the taste for the unorthodox, sometimes raw-sounding style popular amongst the rising generation of underground Soundcloud artists, OnlyBino! is the perfect compromise of new wave and hip-hop. “Chills” is an excellent example of Bino’s ability to take popular sounds from the underground and wrap them in a dynamic, highly-polished package much more fit for the masses than some of his edgier counterparts.

On “Chills,” Bino combines his signature vocals with dynamic, bass-heavy production and an incredibly catchy flow to create a fresh-sounding radio-ready hit. Lying somewhere between hip-hop, R&B and the new wave of futuristic underground synths, OnlyBino! melds all confines of genre within his sound to create something intrinsically unique.

The music video for “Chills” (directed by Elan Bia of the emerging underground visual powerhouse, No Soap) perfectly matches the cinematic, dreamlike vibe of the song with a dark, moody visual featuring a flawlessly-styled Bino. Throughout the video, he seems to have a chilling effect on the surfaces surrounding him — from his phone screen, to the windows of the motel, to finally freezing over the surface of a lake before falling through the ice like it was the Sunken Place from “Get Out.”

After dropping his first batch of tracks on Soundcloud in 2019, and finding more traction in 2020, OnlyBino! has consistently dropped quality, unique-sounding tracks that have gained the attention of underground tastemakers like Elan and Zack Bia — landing him collabs with fellow rising stars like SSGKobe, TyFontaine, Xhulooo and midwxst. Bino’s defining moment thus far would have to be “Butterfly Doors,” a wildly catchy, pluggnb insta-hit that dropped in September 2021 and quickly became his biggest song to date.

While he seems to have found his pocket in the more, R&B-plugg lane with “Butterly Doors” and “Chills” — Bino has also proven he can kick it up a notch, incorporating higher energy sounds to create more upbeat bangers like “Clutch,” “Vivi Necklace,” “Rockstar Anthem” and “On Me” with SSGKobe & ggtyjuan off his 2021 EP LoneWolf.

It’s still early for OnlyBino!, but the level of talent and maturity displayed on songs like “Chills” are well beyond his years — placing him firmly in the running to be one of the stars of tomorrow.

Check out the video for OnlyBino’s “Chills” below!