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Midwxst’s ‘Back In Action’ again on new deluxe

Indiana native Midwxst has quickly become an icon for our generation’s signature sound. He has all the ingredients of an ideal young superstar — capturing the essence of teenage wonder with the skillset of a seasoned pro. Continuing to assert his arrival with melodic flows and distorted hyperpop-infused beats, midwxst’s patented talent for creating catchy hooks and spitting tight rhymes doesn’t go unnoticed.

On previous hits in “Trying” and “Smile” off his previous 2021 release Summer 03, midwxst outwardly showcased why he was one to look out for in the first place — and now, he continues to prove doubters wrong on his latest project, Back In Action.

Making a name for himself in the underground alongside friends in Glaive, ericdoa and others, midwxst has hit his stride in a big way this year, already releasing a handful of new wave bangers in “Made It Back,” “All Talk” and “Tic Tac Toe.” More recently, he’s dropped a slew of hyperpop tracks in “Care,” “Shame” and “Bluffing” — also linking up with Aldn for their track “go away.”

Midwxst is caught ‘Bluffing’ on new single, visual

Packed with eight total tracks — adding four more to its deluxe Back In Action 2.0 on Dec. 15 — midwxst recruited an eclectic cast of characters on Back In Action — featuring exciting young talents in KA$HDAMI, Slump6s, ericdoa, BabySantana, DC The Don, Xhulooo and OnlyBino. With the unstoppable momentum midwxst has made over the summer, Back In Action seems to be a defiant return to form for the 18-year-old superstar in the making.

LA” is perhaps one of the strongest additions to midwxst’s discography. Continuing to prove that he’s worth all the talk surrounding him, midwxst bodies “LA’s” airy plugg production utilizing his signature sing-rap cadence. With lines about feeling alone and cutting off “snakes” from his life, the energy between midwxst and KA$HDAMI is not only enjoyable, but also natural. The two young stars seem to strike a perfect balance of chemistry and charisma, even over the track’s lowkey plugg instrumental.

Other tracks in “Slide” with Slump6s and ericdoa as well as “Putting On” with Baby Santana all continue to redefine the current soundscape of hip-hop. As all these artists haven’t even reached their 20s yet, it’s immaculate to see the refined quality in their music. While new wave tandem Slump6s and Baby Santana dish out memorable verses on seperate tracks, the pair follows through with bombastic rhymes complementing their respective beats perfectly. Ericdoa’s assist on “Slide” offers a breath of fresh air to the distorted, hyperpop-infused track.

On “Let It Rip” and “Star,” midwxst flexes his new wave blend of hyperpop and rage masterfully, further developing his “hip-hop hyperpop” persona in the process. With high-pitched auto-tuned crooning and bars reflecting on the success he’s already attained, he takes over any track he touches with a presence unmatched by his peers.

I’m in the hills and I’m likin’ the view

Makin’ that heat, oh, that shit nothin’ new

Blowin’ like Chapo, like no sense of chill

I’m searchin’ for opps, like I’m Scooby Doo

She wanna fuck, tell that bitch get a room

I know I’m a star, I’m right next to the moon

You cannot beat me, bitch, I am immune

Midwxst — “Star”

midwxst isn’t ‘ALL TALK,’ proving he’s here to stay

Midwxst doesn’t stop there, however, offering four brand new cuts three months after its initial release. “Chowder,” “Off The Wall,” “Transformer (feat. Xhulooo and OnlyBino)” and “No Smoke (feat. DC The Don)” all continue the essence of Back In Action’s vibe — an ethereally-sung, distorted mix of rage-rap and hyperpop that Midwxst has become renowned for.

Ultimately, there’s no stopping midwxst right now. He just keeps going up, undeniably casting off any conversation about him not having the chops cut to achieve greatness. Simply put, he’s one-of-a-kind, holding his own by singing, rapping and curating an unique sound packed with a plethora of diverse influences. Overall, the genre-bending talent swings for the fences and delivers on Back In Action.

Make no mistake, if you’re not on Midwxst by now, don’t miss out.

Listen to “Back In Action” by midwxst below!