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Midwxst shows ‘Care’ on his latest hyperpop-infused single

Hip-hop hyperpop phenom Midwxst has continually proved that his talent is one-of-one.

With melodic, angst-filled rapping backed by brash, electro-inspired production, the Indiana-based star is on a fast track to superstardom — releasing his latest single and visual “Care.”

“Care” is full of glistening melodies and glitchy, erratically-placed synths that have become a norm within the hyperpop genre. Cutting through “Care’s” contained chaos, midwxst showcases his robust track presence with ease — crooning about feeling “sick and tired” when caring for someone who doesn’t feel the same.

Amid its upbeat tempo and shimmering production, “Care” says more than meets the eye, as midwxst is able to capture overthinking in its truest form — backed by the instrumental’s razor-sharp synths and rage-induced sound. The track’s visual showcases midwxst in his room making the song on his laptop, as drawers, tables and other debris are catapaulted from wall to wall, destroying the room as the song picks up. Midwxst is even lifted and thrown across the room, revealing some behind the scenes footage on his TikTok account.

Call, call, call, but I’m never picking up

Sick and tired, tired, tired, at this point, I’ve had enough

Say you care, care, care, but you’re lying, called your bluff

All this shit keeps on happening, but I guess it’s my luck

Damn, I think I’m running out of fucks to give

I’m at a point in my life where I don’t give a shit

Say you’re sorry, but will never change the shit that you did

So don’t waste all my time with your lies and your fears

Midwxst — “Care”

Stemming from his eclectic September EP Back In Action, the 8-track project features the likes of new wave peers in KA$HDAMI, Slump6s, ericdoa and BabySantana. Asserting himself as an important voice in this revitalized era of young talent, midwxst continues to seperate himself from the pack time and time again. Simply put, his knack for creating catchy hooks and spitting relatable storylines is impossible to miss.

Midwxst melds multiple genres in new EP ‘Back In Action’

While the 17-year-old genre-bender looks to bolster his already successful 2021, he strives to take “Care” of himself despite the lies he’s been overlooking.

Listen to Midwxst’s “Care” below!