Midwxt shows no ‘Shame’ on latest single

Since dropping his 8-track EP Back In Action in September, hyperpop-rap sensation Midwxst has been on an absolute tear.

The Indiana-based rapper-singer continues to prove his sound is one of the most diverse among the new wave’s brightest stars. Alongside KA$HDAMI, BabySantana, Glaive, SSGKobe and many others, Midwxst defiantly reasserts he’s here to stay for a while, sharing his latest record “Shame” a week after dropping “Care.”

Midwxst shows ‘Care’ on his latest hyperpop-infused single

As a complement to “Care’s” energetic, electro-infused production, Midwxst continues to push his hyperpop inspirations on “Shame” — bringing forth another wave of rapid fire bars amid chaotic production. With pitched-up vocals and pop-punk inspired guitar melodies, Midwxst sing-raps on running away from problems that seem to never get solved. His higher vocal register fits perfectly within the pockets of “Shame’s” boisterous instrumentation, as Midwxst croons about leaving an ex-lover in the dust in just one minute and 30 seconds.

You run away from your problems

You always wanna start ’em, never solve ’em

And we both know that you’re the one to blame

But you can’t put aside your shame

So don’t think that I care for you

‘Cause that’s just something that’s not true

So don’t try to walk back in my life

I don’t even wanna try

Midwxst — “Shame”

Dropping two singles in back-to-back weeks could point to another full-length release for the rising star in the near future. However, Midwxst has not officially alluded to any new project in the works for the time being, but could be holding off until the right time.

2021 has been a year to remember for the young hyperpop phenom, looking to bolster his efforts in 2022 joining Glaive’s “Old Dog New Tricks” tour in February. With much more to accomplish, Midwxst not only continues to show no “Shame” in who he is as an artist, but further displays his talent is one-of-a-kind.

Listen to Midwxst’s latest track “Shame” below!


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