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midwxst isn’t ‘ALL TALK,’ proving he’s here to stay

Hyperpop’s resident rapper midwxst just keeps on getting better, releasing banger after banger in the past two months.

With previous 2021 cuts in “Ruthless,” “Made It Back” and “Tic Tac Toe,” the 17-year-old Indiana-based artist hasn’t let his foot off the gas — further proving that he isn’t “All Talk” on his latest single.

While midwxst continues to assert his arrival with melodic flows and a distorted bubblegum sound, his patented talent for creating catchy hooks doesn’t go unnoticed. On previous hits in “Trying” and “Smile,” midwxst’s talent lies in his ability to find those pockets within his intricate production — flowing over any beat he touches.

midwxst continues hot streak with new single, visual ‘Tic Tac Toe’

His previous single in “Tic Tac Toe” assumes the same rage-inspired style from the rising superstar. With a quick succession of songs all dropping weeks apart from one another, it seems as though midwxst may have another full-length project coming sooner rather than later.

Singin’, I feel like I’m New Edition

I’ve been countin’ that money, addition

You been creating lies, a fiction

Everybody all talk, they don’t listen

Oh, that boy want the smoke, he want friction

Oh, that girl suck that dick, love my diction

I know you wanna be me, I’m addictin’

Can’t stop that shit, I’m on a mission

midwxst — “All Talk” (chorus)

As the new wave phenom grows with each new release, continue to expect brighter days from the genre-bender hip-hop has a close eye on.

Check out “All Talk” below!