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SSGKobe proves he ‘Don’t Miss’ with new single, music video

Since his April 2021 EP KO, SSGKobe has been drawing the eye of every new wave rap enthusiast with each subsequent drop. Whether it be mosh-pit inducing hits like “MIA” and “Caddy” or SoundCloud exclusives like his Lil Yachty collab or New Year’s two-pack, Kobe’s consistency has been elite.

Now, the teenage phenom is back, releasing his new single “Don’t Miss” at midnight ET on Jan. 28, accompanied by a fascinating music video.

Kobe had been teasing “Don’t Miss” all month long, as the fiery hook where he marvels at his gun’s accuracy contains his trademark, high-pitched crooning.

Laced all over the track are harmonized “yeah” and “hey” ad-libs, complimenting the consistent melodic vibe of the cut. Although “Don’t Miss” contains these thumping 808s and smooth atmosphere, the lyrics Kobe croons serve as a warning to adversaries of his intimidating capabilities.

I’m with the chrome, n***a

Choppa aiming at his dome, n***a

I’ma talk to my bro ’cause he gotta stop pouring up the fours, n***a (Yeah)

Gotta watch for the fake n****s ’round your circle, they be gettin’ close witcha (Yeah)

Pull up to a nigga block and shoot his whole crew, n***a, that’s like four swishers

“Don’t Miss” — SSGKobe

The visuals for “Don’t Miss” see the youngster cooking up a concoction in a school lab — assuring him in warding off enemies. When these intruders converge upon him, he whips out his powerfully charged wand to vanquish them.

Along with “ESCAPE,” Kobe’s 2022 is off to a momentous start, including his recent visit to KayCyy‘s album camp this past week, likely confirming a collaboration between the two rising artists on the YZY signee’s album Who Is KayCyy?

As SSGKobe continues to ascend this year, check out his brand new single “Don’t Miss” below!