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SSGKobe recruits Lil Yachty for YouTube exclusive ‘F*K EM’

SSGKobe not only has had an ascension like none other in 2021, but has asserted himself as one of hip-hop’s most captivating new voices in under a year.

His catalog and fanbase have expanded off the back of hits in “thrax” and “MIA,” as his collaborations with fellow rising artists in KA$HDAMI and $NOT have made him more of a household name among rap’s new wave.

As he sees his stock rise with every release, he now has access to a higher crop of feature artists — beginning to exemplify that when he was seen working on a music video with Lil Yachty.

The duo’s collaborative track soon came to fruition, as Kobe and Yachty put out their YouTube-only single and music video “FUK EM” on Saturday (Nov. 27).

“FUK EM” is a fast-flowing cut, as Yachty opens the song drenched in autotune with a reckless, give-no-f**ks attitude. He sends a message to his opposition that he is always prepared for a fight, as it would be wise not to test him.

If I’m ’round (Round), n****s know what I’m on (Yeah)

Played the cards I was dealt (Dealt), quick to take the bitch home

My heart never felt (Felt), heartbreak, thank God

I never left home without out my rod (Brrt)

“FUK EM” — SSGKobe, Lil Yachty

After Yachty’s “f**k em” hook, Kobe’s turn on the track sees him introduce a choppy, melodically charming flow. As he does over the entire track, Kobe sprinkles his trademark “yeah” squealed ad-lib over his verse about his haters, his jewelry and his significant other.

She see the diamonds they dance on my neck, a chandelier (Yuh)

All of the n****s that claim they hate me fans of me, yeah

Shawty, she suck it on cam, a new movie, a premiere (Yeah)

They wasn’t there from the start, now new n****s start appearing

“FUK EM” — SSGKobe, Lil Yachty

The visuals see Kobe and Yachty roam around city streets, making their presence known and enjoying each other’s company. Kobe turns 18-years-old next week, making it more impressive to see how poised he is and how quality his contributions are especially when working with established artists like Yachty.

The extended version of the song uploaded to SoundCloud includes an additional outro of the hook from Yachty over the synth-heavy, hard-hitting instrumental.

Last week, Kobe posted a selfie to Twitter with the date “12/2” which is his birthday, so he may potentially have another gift for his fans on that day.

While we await that potential new release, check out SSGKobe’s collaboration with Lil Yachty “FUK EM” below!