070 Shake reaches new heights on latest single, visual ‘Neo Surf’

In the very rare instance that 070 Shake releases music, fans can always expect something truly groundbreaking.

One of music’s most unique voices is back with a brand new song for the first time in over six months. Before her previous release in March 2021, she hadn’t dropped music since her debut album Modus Vivendi — which was released in January 2020. Since then, we’ve seen her share just three solo singles and three features over the course of the year.

Now, the 23-year-old New Jersey artist most known for her work on Kanye West’s album ye has teamed up with producer GENER8ION for their new track titled “Neo Surf.”

What makes 070 Shake so special is that she is undefinable and unable to be put on a box. She’s not specific to just one genre and her music is full of passion and purpose. Her charming voice and impressive melodies have the ability to captivate audiences from all different perspectives of taste.

“Neo Surf” is an extraordinarily serene track that relies on its piano-driven beat and touts other sonic elements in plucked synths, a soft melodic pad and female background singers — reminiscent of a “doo-wop” acapella group. 070 Shake effortlessly harmonizes over the track, all while she parades her incredible lyrical and singing abilities.

I’ll be gone tonight

I guess I won’t see you

I’ll be gone for the night

Searching for this feeling

I’ll get used to the stage, get used to the stage

Just for a minute

Oh, I’m on tonight, I’m on the stage

Just one more, lovin’ you all

070 Shake – “Neo Surf”

The accompanying visual is directed by French filmmaker Romain Gavras — who is best known for directing Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild.”

In this video, Gavras takes viewers on a cinematic journey full of breathtaking shots and stunning scenery. The video takes place in 2034 and follows a group of young men exploring what is the abandoned and destructed city of Athens, Greece. The young men are seen living carefree, enjoying each other’s company in a damaged world around them as they share a smoke, ride a hydrofoil surfboard and hunt ostriches — among the things.

The song and visuals complement each other almost perfectly. It locks listeners into the moment — fully appreciating the art 070 Shake translates within her music.

Simply put, 070 has an unbelievable knack for moving and connecting people through the power of her music. Her songs transport listeners somewhere otherworldly — making it feel like an assortment of unexplainable emotions hitting you all at once.

While 070 Shake continues to define her legacy, “Neo Surf” is yet another leap in the right direction for her to achieve the stardom she rightfully deserves.

Listen to “Neo Surf” below!


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