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24kGoldn honors Biz Markie with ‘More Than Friends’

Over the summer, hip-hop greatly mourned the death of legendary singer-rapper Biz Markie. Famed for his 1989 smash-hit “Just a Friend,” which peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100, his track has stood the test of time as one of the catchiest and most timeless rap hits ever.

Markie died at the age of 57, and current pop-rap sensation 24kGoldn felt compelled to pay homage to Biz on his new single five months later. On Dec. 17, 24kGoldn dropped “More Than Friends” — a bubbly, even more melodic take on Markie’s “Just a Friend.”

24kGoldn opens the song with a hook tributing Markie, crooning “You, you got what I need (Yeah, yeah) / But you say I’m just a friend, oh you say I’m just a friend” and finishing by adding his own twist with “I guess we’ll never be more than friends.”

In his first verse, 24kGoldn vividly describes the girl he’s dying to have, explaining that he’s tired of mundane relationships with regular women and that she is special.

Look, I’ve had Kylies, Riley’s and Holly too (Ah)

Only girl I ain’t had yet was Y-O-U

If I put a ring on it, would you say “I do”?

Like the Alicia to my Usher, would you be my boo?

5’3″, brown hair, that’s the one I need

Cute face, thick thighs, put it all on me

‘Cause I’m dyin’ inside, baby, can’t you see? (Ugh)

You the one on my mind, take a chance on me

“More Than Friends” — 24kGoldn

24kGoldn thanked Biz Markie’s family for allowing him to interpolate the classic song, so it is nice to see that he got the permission necessary to make this tribute.

Check out 24kGoldn’s new song “More Than Friends” below! RIP Biz Markie.